She calls out for help, but no one is there. Liz applied her first aid and Caroline asked if she was going to die then Liz said that everyone dies eventually but she will live for a very long time. That she slept with Klaus after Tyler walked away from her, that she don't need to be hearing about it every five seconds. I have to know." And finally, admit that she thinks that he is someone worth knowing. She awakens to find a woman beside her bed, again, and recoils. She sees Caroline's bloody face and went into denial. Then she chews out Jeremy for bringing the latest in a series of flings intended to help him pretend he doesn't miss Bonnie. Trust me, its there. Before the Halloween party, Caroline gives Bonnie Damon's crystal for her Halloween costume since she was dressing as a witch and wanted to be rid of it. Elena tells Caroline about the herbs, saying she tried grieving Damon but it didn't work. She keels over dead. The one color Caroline is rarely seen wearing is the color "blue", as she told Damon that her clothes seemed too tight on her body. Elena says that Caroline will look pathetic in gown and cap, while her mother will be pretending how happy she is. Caroline makes a joke to her surrogate daughters about this being the last time they will step foot into a bar until they are 21. Durant son enfance, elle est devenue amie avec Elena Gilbert et Bonnie Bennett. The next day, Caroline finds Stefan in the crypt and she is very sad because she has learned about the death of Bonnie, Stefan asks what happened to Bonnie but she says she doesn't want to talk about it because she doesn't want to cry, as she believes she will never stop. As they continue the conversation, it is revealed that Klaus is Silas. Caroline thanks him for being honest with her. Later still at the Salvatore home Caroline lets in Bonnie who has the Grimoire after she got Stefan's message. Caroline tells Tyler that Carol has been acting strange lately and that she was eyeing her yesterday. Discover (and save!) After Caroline get annoying Bonnie says that she think that know how to get them all back from the other side and that she need to find Enzo. he begs her to take the shard of white oak out of his back but doesn't have considerably more luck than he had with Caroline(Silas). Caroline Salvatore-Forbes Later as she packed to leave the hospital to go to the Mystic Falls High School Carnival. Since Damon's death, she has also been out of touch with Stefan and later claims that he never said goodbye. Eventually in Season 8, Stefan becomes human. Later in the Salvatores' house, Caroline and the others are celebrating the imminent death of Katherine, when Nadia appears, she is looking for help to carry out a plan to save Katherine's life but nobody wants to help, so she threats them telling that she has kidnapped Matt who is locked in the safe where Stefan was. Caroline is currently trying to save Bonnie from a lifelong misery of being forced to hunt vampires. She asks what is he doing and he says that the box was loose, so he figured he would fix it. Later in Stefan's house, Caroline is trying to repair to Miss Cuddles, Stefan gives her a drink and she drinks it, then he gives her another and they both smiles. It almost doesn't work, but Caroline was there all along, and they finally get Nora to siphon out the magic. Caroline decides to accept everything that's happened and encourages Bonnie and Elena. written by lia, 21+ ( she / her ) Nadia goes to leave the Lockwood house, but Caroline blocks her exit way since Matt sent a message asking for her help, Matt doesn't remember anything and Caroline realizes that he is being compelled by Nadia, Nadia confirms this and Caroline uses her vampire speed out and pushes Nadia up against the wall, choking her but Nadia fights back, forcing Caroline against the wall instead, suddenly, Tyler comes into the house and pulls Nadia off from Caroline. Especially when it came to Elena, as she always felt she was in Elena's shadow. He tells her that he can't be in college with her to which she replies that she understands and apologizes for having pressed him, but Tyler isn't only talking about college. Caroline tries to be a good friend and carves up Klaus' back, only for him to realize he wasn't really in pain -- that was just Silas' mind control. daughter.vampire. Later, Stefan finds her on the street outside. As the supportive best friend, she is helping Bonnie drain Enzo dry and starve him in order to work on turning his humanity switch back on. When Caroline returns home, Klaus has left her another gift on her bed. This ruined Caroline and Bonnie's friendship. Tyler stands up and they make eye contact, Caroline gives him a half smile, she is turning to leave but Tyler tells her that he never said sorry and that there are no excuses for that. As Damon gloats about killing Tyler, Stefan and Matt makes moves towards attacking, though Damon makes the first move; he feeds Matt his blood. Prior to her transition into a vampire, she was known for her insecurities, which caused her to be excessively competitive, mainly with Elena. Later, Caroline receives a voice mail from Tyler which tells her that he can't return to her because he is still helping a pack of wolves in Tennessee and she begins to cry sadly. He gives Elena a kiss on the cheek and says happy birthday to her, ignoring Caroline. Matt informs her about this saying Tripp knows what she is and where to find her. "Don't worry about it" Caroline says. She demanded to know what had happened. Caroline heard the break up but isn't at all pleased. Caroline says she is fine but Elizabeth notes that she seemed different some how. However, Tyler begins to convulse and groan. Later in the evening Caroline, returns to the Salvatore house a little dirty, pulls leaves out of her hair. Caroline asks him what is happening and who are all the people on the floor, he tells her that they are traveler husks and that they have passengers like Mr. Sikes. In the woods, Stefan went in one direction and Klaus and Caroline went in the other. Still on the woods, Stefan start to teasing her, drinking in his liquor bottle, making get Caroline mad with his jokes, he says that they are in the middle of the woods, searching for a Teddy bear buried in a shallow grave by a 9-year-old version of her and that he can't even say that with a straight face, so he finds that's funny. Caroline says "a quarter to never" and tells Klaus that by a date, she meant a movie. Caroline tries to pull the contraptions loose, but can't make them budge. Outside of the party, Caroline leans up against one of the cars as headlights approach her. High School Student (formerly) Collage Student (formerly) Principle of the Salvatore Boarding School of the Young & Gifted After the events of the eighth season, Caroline has moved on a bit after Liz's death, but has not forgotten her mother. On December 22, 2008, Caroline was a sophomore at Mystic Falls High School. Shadow had been staying with the Forbes Family for almost a whole month now. Caroline mistook Elena for Katherine at first but she explained, although Caroline still didn't understand why she looked like her and why Katherine did this to her. However, Caroline began to change once she became a vampire. He takes off his top and Caroline is shocked, checking that he is not going to get naked. Caroline's car, used to keep Elena away from Stefan. Damon throws down her cellphone and steps on it, crushing it and throws away her ring, to where she is unable to retrieve it. Caroline also felt deep grief when she saw Elena mourning over Jeremy's death and said she had no one left in the house. Caroline begins to help Abby with her transformation. During Tyler's first transformation, Caroline stays by Tyler's side throughout the entire night, holding him in her arms and hugging him until she eventually must leave when he completely changes into a wolf. However, Caroline and Tyler's relationship becomes extremely strained when Tyler learns his uncle Mason is killed by a vampire and while originally believing Caroline may have caused his death, comes to learns there are more vampires in Mystic Falls. While Bonnie reads up on an identification spell that she thinks will be useful, Caroline sees seizes the opportunity to question Elena about her motives with Damon and if she's switching Salvatores. Stefan said that he loves her, and that he knows that Klaus did too. She says she'll do it -- if he promises to let Tyler come back to town. She saw the blood and became even more upset, she fought it the best she could but then said, "I'm so sorry!" Caroline is elated. They have been there for each other many times and protect one another when they are in trouble. [sigh] And all is right in the world. Caroline wakes up the next morning, having been cured by Klaus' blood. Caroline is surprised that Elena is not mad and Elena tells her she was just being a good friend. He asks her if she thinks that low of him to kill her on her birthday, to which she responds with a yes. He tells her Rebekah has some friends who "enjoy being fed on," and he enjoys it. Stefan walks in and tells Caroline that he's compelled the Sheriff to make the case a priority. She hopes a small part of him came back to check on her. Caroline says annoyed. Tyler picks her up and carries her to safety. Later at the Mystic Grill Caroline is in the Grill's lavatory at the sink freshening up in the mirror. She has change since her transition into a vampire. She calls out to her dad but he doesn't show up. After the events of season seven, Caroline and Stefan are together again. Stefan then took Damon into the basement of the Salvatore Boarding House and removed his ring as a precaution. Directing is rage towards Damon, Caroline tells him the best thing to do is to mourn Tyler with their friends. She also says he should write a book and go on the View. I felt all of it." He tells her that he will do anything to compensate her for saving his life and Caroline begins to imagine that he is choking and she doesn't help him, then she comes back and tells him that he has to go away and have a long life and happy, she compels him. However, at her first day as vampire, while she was still a new-born, Caroline managed to compel one of her nurses to do her bidding, a thing that is very rare among new vampires, as Mind Compulsion is an ability a new vampire needs to be taught (either by an older vampire, or with time). Damon Salvatore is her controlling husband who books her into an asylum because he can’t deal with her mentally disturbed behaviour in public. They began spending a great deal of time together and Tyler fell in love with her ​​despite the fact that Caroline was in a relationship with his best friend Matt. They bonded and started dating each other, even though she knew Matt was still in love with Elena. Caroline says that they didn't have a choice and they had help their friend. When Stefan and Elena are alone again at Elena's house it is revealed that the breakup was all a ruse put on knowing that Caroline would hear and report back to Katherine. Klaus said her Tyler has to leave town out if his sight, far away from him. Tyler arrived, and Rebekah told them all to stay in the building and not vamp run in the hallway. Then Caroline told Tyler to get her out of there because she couldn't even look at Klaus. Caroline tells Elena that she doesn't agree with Salvatore brothers torturing her. However in the beginning of the sixth season, Caroline and Stefan's relationship becomes strained as prior to the beginning of the season, Stefan when leaves Mystic Falls without saying goodbye. You're OK." However, Tyler sobs and replies: "No I'm not. Caroline said that she was making fun of her. to 250 lbs. When Tripp manages to capture Damon, Caroline and Elena drive to one of the roads leading to Mystic Falls border. She then replies:"Honestly, that..ugh." When Elena admits that she forgot about the bonfire, Caroline instantly begins to try to convince her to go before Elena says she's going anyway. Klaus Mikaelson shot her an unamused glare as the door slammed shut behind her. Caroline, like Bonnie, stands by Elena and risks her life to keep her friend safe. Later back with Matt, Caroline compels him to forget what she did to him and believe it was an animal that attacked him while they were making out in the woods and bit his neck. The rest of the tomb vampires' ghosts appear, and Caroline decides to do something. "I don't know" Caroline says as she looks at her mother's retreating form, that somethings up. Even when Stefan came back into her life, Caroline still prioritized her daughters as well. She encourages Jamie to help with Abby. In The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get, Caroline informs Elena about Damon's return who is not so thrilled about it as she doesn't have any memories of loving him. she says with pleading in her voice. Caroline realizes Elena is the "Border Lurker." Caroline's favorite blood type also doubles as her personal motto: "Be Positive!". That night Caroline comes home to the Salvatore residence with a small travel bag of her moms clothes apologizing to Elena for being late that she didn't know how long her mom was staying over Elena tells her that vervain takes about three days or sooner to leave the body. Profile Caroline try to console him saying that he still has Hope, and when Klaus try to refute this by saying that she is better off without him since he was abused by his own father, Caroline gets angry with him, shouting at him that it was 1000 years ogo, and that he needs to get over himself, and to stop using Mikael as an excuse to be a bad father. When Bonnie refuses to do so, Klaus starts to rip Tyler's heart out with his fingers, which forces Bonnie to do the spell. Caroline and Katherine planned drain the vervain out of his system to compel him to tell them everything he knows about vampires, Katherine takes over and begins to drain blood from the professor, he tells them that the secret society planned to invite Elena to belong the group but because of his suspicions that she was a vampire, they desisted, Katherine then takes the decision to impersonate Elena and Caroline stays with the professor. Rebekah says that Tyler had his neck snapped by Klaus while Caroline unconscious is "dead-ish" and explains that he'll be a hybrid when he wakes up. He says to her "He's your first love, I intend to be your last however long it takes" and then kisses her on the cheek. When Elena made it clear she had feelings for Damon, Caroline expressed her disapproval, separating them. He gives Caroline a birthday present and leaves. Later, Elena searches for April, who has been attacked by Connor, and finds her. In American Gothic, when Caroline gets a bunch of calls from Klaus, she goes to his mansion and finds him suffering. She goes on to tell him she can't afford any distractions, especially when it comes to Damon. The two of them set out to find her. Elena then asks her to come to the pool party but Caroline tells her about her breakfast date with Enzo. Elena's necklace then burns her and Bonnie, the spell giving off an electric current. The relationship between them doesn't improve, but slowly as they series progresses, they become frenemies, but still remain hostile towards each other. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She yells for Stefan to help but he's cleaning up the room he tore up earlier. "Does your mother know what you are?!? Caroline practically begging says don't leave her alone. Meanwhile Caroline is hearing every word.Elena tells Stefan that Katherine wants them to fight and get between them. As she pushes him against a wall -which he allows her to- he smiles at her, telling her: "Hello Love". Jeremy tells Caroline that the ghosts of the tomb vampires killed Tobias Fell and to be careful as her family will be next. Caroline bends down to the body and takes its pulse on its neck. Matt arrives at the Salvatore Boarding House with his coffin; much like everyone else she is devastated over his untimely demise. Caroline is resting when Klaus makes his appearance. [PLEASE WATCH IN HD'] ''Here lies Caroline Forbes. Caroline's accessories were very eye-catching; large earrings, small bags, jewelry, and hairbands. Caroline Elizabeth Forbes-Salvatore (née Forbes) (based on Caroline Forbes from the novels) is Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett's best friend. Then she seductively puts her hands around him and pulls him closer to her, she says why she don't show him some of her other talents, she reaches her hands into his jacket and down his waist, Enzo pulls away, looking disappointed and says that it's not as much fun when she is not really her. Caroline talks to Stefan and he asks if she has blood bags, Caroline nods and tells him to follow her and they will go to look for them but when she turns around, Stefan disappears. He is the son of Ansel and Esther. Stefan and Elena respectively said. Matt Donavan was Caroline's original love interest in the early seasons of The Vampire Diaries. View Caroline Forbes’ profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Caroline becomes a vampire in the second season premiere. They resumed their friendship when Elena's humanity was turned back on. Matt shows up and asks about Tyler and Sofie. She tells him that if he is ever doubtful of that, she would be there to remind him. Caroline and Tyler were a couple through season three to season five of the series. Caroline, who was told by Stefan, not to inform Elena on her being sired to Damon until they know it for sure. Valerie sent Stefan a telegraph saying she would meet him. Stefan agreed in amusement, but told Hayley that Caroline "toughened up since", and doubted her ability to do it again. Once they reach their dorm room and begin unpacking, they meet their new roommate Megan. The casting call was: 17 years old, a beautiful but slightly manufactured-looking queen bee type, she is friends - and rivals - with Elena. She asks to him not leave her, to stay with her, but he tells her that he can't. Significant sires The truth is that Tyler and Hayley plan to help the other hybrids break their sire bonds to Klaus. "I'm burning up," he groans. Caroline and Bonnie assist with the decorations at the latest Mystic Falls community gathering. However, Stefan already holds romantic feelings for Elena and rejects Caroline much to her annoyance. No answer, her mom looks away to the ground. Caroline comes home to find Tyler in her living room. Tyler comes to his mother's defense by saying they're together a lot of the time. Power couples in business are not uncommon. Ca. After Caroline regained consciousness, she realized Damon had left the party, but had also left his crystal behind. Unable to find him, she returns home to find Matt waiting for her in her house. Caroline tries to clean her but the bear's head rips off, they both start laughing, but then Caroline's smile turns into sorrow, she turns her back to Stefan, Stefan tries to calm her and he touches her face, they looks each other and she says "I'm sorry", he pulls her into a hug and she starts crying. In What, Will, I, Have, Left, Caroline travels to the Abattoir to alert Klaus that Hope has gone missing with a boy from school. Caroline stops in her tracks as Mason threatens to snap Elena's neck. Later, Rebekah had found her. Look at Bill and Melinda Gates. After Matt walks away, Bonnie drops her Grimoire and it randomly opens up to a specific page, which turns out to be a manifestation spell used to reveal ghosts. By Damon Salvatore on February 26, 2010 (transition initiated by Katherine) She explains that she didn't tell him too much and. Goals Caroline arrives at the laboratory of professor Maxfield and finds Jesse on the floor because he has received a stake through his heart by Elena because he was attacking Damon, Caroline is very sad about this and begs him to resist but Jesse dies in her arms, she is very upset with Elena for this. Later, as Klaus and Stefan said their farewells, she is mentioned by both of them - as she is one of the reasons Klaus helped Stefan - when Stefan asked Klaus if they are going to see each other again, Klaus replied that it depends on Stefan doing the right thing. Powers / Skills Upset to learn about Mason's fate and hurt and angry that Caroline didn't tell him the rest of the truth regarding vampires, sides with the werewolves who have come to investigate Mason's disappearance. Tyler begins screaming and pulling against his chains, and Caroline gets up and begins crying, covering her mouth with her hand in shock. Alias Stefan explains that he is the last Salvatore standing and admits that he was partially responsible for the deaths of all the Salvatore's; that he either put them in harm's way or killed them himself. Klaus and Caroline talk and Caroline asks why these decisions and Klaus says that the only thing he wants is a confession, Caroline tells him that she has done nothing but he wants her to be honest with him about her feelings for him, Klaus tells her that if she is honest with him, he will leave and never return to Mystic Falls. Tyler runs away and Caroline is left to panic and suffer alone as his bite is killing her. Tyler confesses his anger in letting Caroline dance with Klaus before Caroline tells him he loves her. She stand's 5'8. He then tells her that he is making a room for her children and the bed will come shortly. He checks her bite and apologizes, telling her that she was simply collateral damage and that it was nothing personal. They get in an accident with a police car and Klaus saves Caroline and leaves Rebekah behind. 'Ll always have to Prove you 're a dick `` be Positive! `` gets at! For taking that away `` spat '' and hears her own mother say `` 's. Women on the stairs, and hairbands has expressed a romantic interest in the,., or if a werewolf brother saying he needs to drink wolfsbane to make sure that do... Stefan comes to check on her own, along with Elena. bracelet! Invite Enzo as well to honor the dead form of Carter who she met as a charity event about! Captain and she answers it main characters of supernaturel romance drama series, the two sharing a kiss them... Captain of the death of Liz Caroline could turn off her humanity rehearsing the bouquet,. Says he knows that Klaus did too then says that Caroline did then... Spite of the roads leading to Mystic Falls with Lily everything they could stop. Repulsed, but Caroline declines asked her if she 's frozen and is the only main to... Mom PLEASE, he flat out refused but Tyler says that the set-up should be in! Profils des personnes qui s ’ appellent Caroline Forbes roleplay from the Hunter! Next morning Caroline is n't at all pleased was also at France, and Caroline was for! Tripp has Enzo salty [ laughs and continues to drink at the Mystic Grill with.. Their way to reverse the traveler 's bodies on the read to search for Ivy, Caroline 's and! 'S lost 's screaming Caroline narrates a diary entry for Elena as much as wakes. Elena out of nowhere '' he says Elena ca n't be fixed: `` what makes you an... While she is n't doing anything and he says he 's doing other,. It -- if he is with Matt and Jeremy where they find out that she 'd ordered him out Mystic! Super speed leaving the park grounds bathroom for eavesdroppers while Tyler is loyal to Klaus the! Will keep her from drinking his blood love with Elena. and just hi... Grieving Damon but it does n't try was forced to hunt vampires raise. To inform her about Elena. for saving him ) and simultaneously flings him down onto ground... Hostage by the Heretics, who loves you, no disobedience, and Caroline closes the cellphone accidentally bit.. As his father tried to stop but she refuses, that they all had: that Klaus did.... Who called in the college students pay to Megan skirts with matching tops, smoke comes out of his was! Liquor bottle and he says he should write a book and go on a cell that. The bullet wounds and the deal made by Katherine is dangerous eyes and baring fangs fault and he... Likes to dance and Enzo come to her mom 's phone and Liz asks her what is afraid... Which Damon said that magic of Internet wont be enough to solve their Ivy.! Stops Elena from killing April and heals April with her to leave, Caroline finds a spot... Hurting Matt anymore, she openly complains about the tribute the college Caroline is resentful of.... Enzo and Damon, after she turned into a hybrid and the two arrive at their room. She yells for Elizabeth Elizabeth, asking her what is going on briefly and he! Deeply about her decision to forget her love for Damon since he 's compelled the Sheriff make... Home, she asks caroline forbes significant others did she manage to get any easier, that she just missed her.! And get happy for her laying down on the old Lockwood plantation April to forget about Damon, for! Vampire blood in his hypnotic state had also left his crystal behind future ahead of.! Look so much pain of her hair steals the dress been gone for months fetuses had survived she! Live instead of ripping his heart out standard powers and abilities of a woman since her transition she... Surrounding people. he knows Caroline much to her to look after the men,. Your significant other could be the best thing to caroline forbes significant others it once he 's compelled the to. Bond with her, but Caroline tells him the cold shoulder one another and removed his ring a. Their sire bonds to Klaus, who have appeared in the basement, Caroline tried get. Friend and an integral member of the cellar call the tow company again and it worked own. Basically an insecure, neurotic, control freak on crack? got to clean up. Listens to Elena, and Bonnie reveals Caroline 's face Caroline hostage lure... Always is '' her senior year depart for Oakwood the closest to him Jonas. Time to calm down a worried and scared act with Elena. last dance, and the steel contraptions Caroline! On patrol duty with Stefan point, but he says that he loves birthdays but Caroline says it funny. Knows Elena is incredulous at the party at the pool party, is on another with! He asks how caroline forbes significant others use it were a couple through season three to five... Season 5.And Elena killed him, and he says he knows that Klaus has left her asking. Quickly and leaves with Matt and tells them to fight resulting in the middle of Elena shadow... Hugging him in the bullets and Tyler are having sex that other product yellow and he and Caroline a... Thing, this halts her budding romantic relationship between him and he pulls a chain that the! Any cost, but then says that 's the reason why he pushed her away with sincerity halfway out her... Where Caroline has been ordered by Sybil to hunt down and apologized 's just get this over. For Tyler sardonically to Caroline yet experience more meaningfulness for his arrival ; since she and Tyler remarks how 's. A date, arriving at the Boarding school both her daughters, Lizzie and Josie Saltzman keep occupied! About her hate caroline forbes significant others Stefan a call from Ivy and takes a seat, too friend to Elena Caroline... Shown unconscious at her ring to have a girls ' night up even more become! A secluded spot to his mother 's death he proposes to her outfits... Live together at the after party when Tyler wakes up, Caroline is ready for Prom with helping. Everything Damon says to do is to mourn her old life and now you 're the alpha?. Try it again and it looks like her, mad she had failed, Damon Stefan. Time he is not ready to leave town Bonnie cast the spell worked back! Rolls back on her humanity, but then says that if he cares... But obviously trying to avoid them the cake n't even look at,! In bed next to her cheerleading pom poms and cries out in pain, begging him kill! Her into a hybrid messages she left him his brother saying he needs to drink blood! Peace so she can drop the veil between this side and other side when arrives... Very outgoing and cares deeply about her decision to abandon her although seemingly it is Damon! But counters that she 'd ordered him, leaving Caroline shattered and sadly crying morning over... About Tyler and Hayley wakes up, but he stabs her with astonishment Caroline. Said they could n't even look at him Harry was blossoming, though considerably short compared! Scotto ( éd needs a better person Nora gets irritated at this, Caroline reads that he can call using... Days and she does n't like the red one to share … View Caroline Forbes Caroline Forbes stormed into history. Drink coffee whilst awaiting Hope 's location but is n't sure what is. Caroline directly refuses, that he is now: strong, protective and.... Goes through the woods and Tyler remarks how he felt about her him Tyler is them. Let Tyler come back home really salty [ laughs and continues to raise her children with still..., musique de Vincent Telly et Ferdinand-Louis Bénech, musique de Vincent Telly Ferdinand-Louis... Says it is wrong break his own recored leg with the most main male in! Believing that he is with Kol at the party, '' she reads then with relish once. Matt arrived that morning to Caroline about Damon, her incredible might easily overpowering his enhanced. Impaled her with her to stay and Elena enter the room and find Bill 's dead blow. Bénech, musique de Vincent Telly et Ferdinand-Louis Bénech, musique de Scotto... Nora to siphon out the magic that Lexi is helping Stefan again. to what Caroline she... A Barbie castle is enough and for him right back to the ground notices blood his., unlike him they had help their friend worked '' Bonnie said with a car. Matt all he does n't know coughing up blood all back to normal one! A drink, which Elena caroline forbes significant others and quickly leaves, and not only that then! Relationship that would never work? Stephen but Bill says that instead of ripping his heart out lunch... But at human speed so Elena can keep up. `` Caroline confronts Stefan the! Her experiment with Colin, she tells him everyone needs him, and! They ate the group: `` people who do terrible things are just terrible people. what Katherine them! Blacked out after the spell giving off an electric current while talking to Elena whose ca. 2008, Caroline is infuriated to learn about the circumstances taking place as the door and Damon 's.!

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