aesthetically in a sentence and translation of aesthetically in English dictionary with audio pronunciation by Its pretty unwieldy, and not very aesthetically attractive. After all, it looked aesthetically identical to the iPhone 3G. Your site has to be aesthetically attractive with visually appealing. Aesthetically, her artwork is some of the most beautiful I've seen from an amateur. Examples of pleasing in a Sentence He wanted his kitchen to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Aesthetically ; 1. features an aesthetically pleasing chord generator. In this way a convenient and aesthetically pleasing greeting card and package are provided which cannot be inadvertently separated. With the addition of photoshop to merge pictures, eagles and flags are often combined, sometimes in aesthetically pleasing ways and sometimes not so much. Adding a deck either beside or around your pool is not only aesthetically pleasing, the deck creates a functional space for seating and entering the pool. There are so many beautiful buildings in Paris—it's one of the most aesthetically gifted places I've ever seen. Once you have determined exactly how you will use this space, what you need and how much you can afford to spend, you will be on your way to designing a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing workspace. This will help create a program that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. Pimp My Profile allows you to customize your profile tables, headings, scrollbars and text through an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use interface. Antonym: displeasing. Today, the Graham brand is known as the "British brand made by the Swiss" and features contemporary designs dedicated to aesthetically playful, avant-garde style. Or maybe they've just found some aesthetically offensive l … Show More Sentences The patient will use an aesthetically pleasing reconstruction. With a drop ceiling, you'll lower the height of the ceiling so it looks more aesthetically pleasing. What is another word for aesthetically pleasing, What is the opposite of aesthetically pleasing, Different surface finishes are combined with several colors to give many varied and, Display areas were created in which glass cases were as densely packed as possible without much regard to an, It wasn't just because of the camaraderie of the legends, but because of the, Such vitriol toughened her up for the less, While large amounts of reflective glass may be, I am all for protecting species because they are useful, or, They both displayed full muscle bellies, dramatic V tapers, sleek waistlines, crisp tie-ins and loads of, There is an awesome cathedral in Seville, and a number of other, It's not known for its flashiness or for its amazing horsepower, and it's definitely not the most, Bright colours and clear bold graphics make the menu practical and, Some of the old Turkish bath houses are still operating and are as, Spun in a pattern containing roses, thistles and shamrocks, Honiton lace is perhaps the most, This claim uncovers why we find certain formal properties such as symmetry and regularity, But I also didn't expect the modern yet historic and, The Sanctuary itself was spectacularly built and was very, The practice of counting pitches has all but eliminated the, The surgeon also strives for a functional repair of the muscles and an, Moreover, the numerous wineries and vineyards were quite, One such bod was commenting that he thought that the ancients had erected Pentre Ifan because it was, In art it is often the departures from symmetry that are, Indeed, relocating a city to a more effective, attractive but perhaps less, The first 30 beads of so of a necklace, we've historically thought was just an, As such there is significant interest in producing a perfume formulation that people will find, Nobody could pretend that a huge slope of clinker is, Amid all the fevered anticipation of this fixture, few would have expected to witness an, This is commonly used to rivet wood panels into place since the hole does not need to be drilled all the way through the panel, producing an. Ford by no means stood alone among English dramatists in his love of abnormal subjects; but few were so capable of treating them sympathetically, and yet without that reckless grossness or extravagance of expression which renders the morally repulsive aesthetically intolerable, or converts the horrible into the grotesque. How do you use aesthetically in a sentence? The company utilizes a variety of footwear technologies to create durable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing boots. That doesn't look aesthetically pleasing to me. All Rights Reserved. 4. Most people chose this as the best definition of aesthetically: Aesthetically is defined... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
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