How many cookies does one batch produce? We did use 4 tbs of milk and less of the flour mixture by about 1/4-1/2 cup. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper. My only issue was the shape-loss when baked. … amazing!! I always assume everything will go as badly as possible, so I won’t be disappointed. I followed the recipe to a t, although I did use the applesauce instead of the pumpkin puree. I subbed the conventional flour for Bob’s Red Mill All-Purpose GF flour, and added xanthum gum. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Cream sugar and vegan margarine with an electric mixer in a bowl, about 2 minutes; add vanilla extract. This has become my go-to cookie recipie! Just don’t tell him or let them see it … that’s what I did! Even without the frosting (although the frosting is a little bit of magic!) I couldn t try them because of medical reasons so this is my kid s review. Yes- feel free to bake slightly less time to keep them soft and chewy. please let me know! I subbed coconut sugar for cane but followed the recipe to a T otherwise. Great idea! Could I use pumpkin butter instead of pumpkin puree? Just got finishes mixing all the ingredient’s together! I also used banana in my frosting and that you fould taste ans they were great. They turned out great. Our new favorite sugar cookies! J, Last year after becoming vegan, I made some sugar cookies at Christmas time that were huge flop! Method: 1. I followed exactly and used oat as my df milk. Let's call it a happy accident. 1 cup all purpose flour or gluten free 1:1 baking flour. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Not too sweet My daughter is recently vegan so I’ve been experimenting with cookies this Christmas. These look sooo delicious!! I really want it to work, as we are snowed in and it’s very hard to hit the shops. ;D, Love all your one-bowl recipes. Thank you so much for this recipe! Growing up, I tried many different kinds, but always came back to the classic sugar cookie as my favorite. Hi! Thank you so much for being my go to good recipe lady! Vegan Christmas Sugar Cookies w/Icing. and non bacon. Added canned pears to the dough, and put a banana slice on top of each one! I’ve also used tumeric as a natural food dye. Ooh, yay! I think tub EB would work! I made these cookies and were so delightfully surprised at just how well they turned out! I raised my kids vegan and we rarely get to bake sweets, but since its around the holidays I figured Id look for a great vegan cookie recipe. Do not quite satisfy sweet tooth of youngster ( Well… not a good yardstick ). Blown. I’ve used a few different vegan tub margarine brands for baking (including 1/2 and 1/2 with vegetable shortening in pie crusts) instead of the buttery sticks and they have turned out great. Hmm, I don’t think so as it’s not super thick. Oh my goodness, I’m exactly the same! ), thanks for the recipe!! Could you use a ground flax seed vegan egg instead of pumpkin puree? Add the sprinkles to the flour mixture and toss to coat. I want to make cutout cookies with my 1 year old (first) grand daughter. I didn’t get your email, sorry for the delay! How long do these cookies stay fresh/good for once baked? It imparts a nice delicate crunch to the outside of the cookies. Liz. I’ll roll out the dough and slide onto a pie, blind bake the crust and add the prepared filling. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Can these be frozen before icing? Have a good day! It kept it’s shape and looked so professional. Ha! Sweet, tender, simple, and perfect for holiday gatherings and beyond! Thanks again! Possibly because I chilled my dough for about 14 hours in the fridge and I chilled the cookie shapes in the freezer for 10 minutes as directed. I made them heart shaped with light pink frosting and sprinkles. These cookies are simple, as always. They were delicious. My son’s preschool class was decorating (non-vegan) cookies for Christmas, and I made these to send a few with him to ensure he’d have something to decorate too. These look wonderful :) I can’t wait to try them. We are so glad you enjoyed them! Ingredients you need for Vegan Cut-Out Cookies: Classic vegan cut out cookies typically call for vegan butter, coconut oil, almond milk, baking soda, baking powder and granulated sugar. I used Walmart’s gf all purpose flour, applesauce instead of pumpkin, and the tub of vegan butter instead of the sticks (just made it work with the ingredients I had). Thanks! (left out the arrowroot powder given the flour blend already contained it.) What is your experience with the shelf life of the frosting if you don’t refrigerate it? 1 1/4 Arrowroot starch Nope! haha. I’m guessing the flour was a miss? Aren’t they for me????? These are the perfect sugar cookies! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Bake in the preheated oven until lightly golden, about 10 minutes. We think so! These vegan sugar cookies, like all cookies on my site, are made from scratch with no butter, margarine, or commercial egg replacers. Three tablespoons of aquafaba is equivalent to about one whole egg, though we have not tried aquafaba in this recipe and cannot guarantee the results. I did have to tell them to stop eating so many though! They are chewy, not too crunchy, and very good with frosting and sprinkles. As far as the cookies go, you can cut them into shapes or just roll them into balls that bake into perfect, beautiful, fluffy discs. We will be making these again and again! Mine did take longer to bake for some reason… I made them into shapes and they were a little on the thicker side so that’s probably why. I just made these. I thought I would miss the real butter but not in these cookies! I’m sure the chick pea brine and pumpkin bake differently though. My daughter has egg and milk allergies so I wanted to give this a try. Thank you so much! This one was so easy and delicious. I made them for my son, a vegan. For example, say we’re planning to hang out with friends. Thank you! Just powdered sugar, pumpkin purée, and vanilla. So glad you enjoyed them! My son has dairy and egg allergies so he never had a sugar cookie before until today! Hello!! Amazing recipe! COOKIES. I rolled them in sugar before cooking them so they are dense and chewy but a little crispy on the outside. I find them at Hyvee in the Health Food section, or Nature’s Own! I’m going to use beets next time I need pink frosting! If I use that should I obmit the extra salt added? :), Expecting the worst to avoid disappointment is SO normal. I can’t wait to try this recipe this weekend. I also added a bit of almond extract to the icing, for a little extra kick. He LOVED them! BUT now I can’t decide. My family said they liked these better than the non-vegan sugar cookies they were making :) however, in the last year I have had to become GF, would gluten free all purpose flour work the same? Halved vegan butter with coconut oil-solid Simple to make These cookies also take about 16 minutes to bake in the oven, a bit longer than the recipe states. I wanted to add some matcha powder to the dough! I’ve always used ground flax or commercial egg replacer. Your instructions are clear and easy to follow and much appreciated. Let us know how it goes! A bit crumbly, but they definitely worked! Let me know how it goes, Tori! Either that, or you didn’t roll them thin enough. First dairy free sugar cookie my son loved! I have these in the oven right now. Yay! I will be trying these real soon! :). These cookies are perfect. I posted a pic on Instgram :). She is skeptical about this “vegan” nonsense. Also used homemade cinnamon applesauce instead of pumpkin. A lot of people behave that way. I also bake vegan due to a child with food allergies, and my kids love these. Thank you so much! I wonder if matcha green tea would work for green? Red peppers also give off their color pretty well. im sending off a cookie care package of lots of vegan desserts to my sis and hubby and these cookies are perfect. I got 20-3 inch pumpkin shaped cookies. Everyone we shared with couldn’t believe the cookies were 100% plant-based. I only had gf flour this time around so I decided to make them with that flour and see how they turned out ! We just wanted a simple cookie and they were perfect! Mix until until incorporated, being careful not to over mix. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Lyv, these work great for thumbprints! Hi Maggy! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I used gluten-free flour bend, subbed chia “egg” for applesauce, and added dairy-free chocolate chips. I made these gluten free using the Robin Hood pre-mixed flour blend. *Vegan butter sticks are best for baking, as the tubs often contain water to make them spreadable, which can affect the final product. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do about the lack of cornstarch/arrowroot? I think it may be the pumpkin, but did I do something wrong? The funny thing is I still consider myself a positive person! So yummy! Maybe a tiny bit of spirulina or chorella would work too? Bake on the center rack for 10-12 minutes for (8-10 for cutout shapes // amount as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size), or very slightly golden brown. Updated Apr 24, 2019 / Published: Mar 23, 2017 / This post may contain affiliate links. But if you give it a try let us know how it goes! Thanks for the recipe. 1. Thanks for the kind words, Colleen – good luck! made my day. (don’t double). crunchy, not too sweet, everybody thinks a professional baker made them! Kept them in freezer overnight and were the BEST ! Could I use egg replacer in this recipe instead of the pumpkin? Thank you. Thanks! The cookies look lovely. xx, Great cookies, I sprinkled mine with cinnamon and sugar. I can’t wait to bake them later — I’m using the “smash with a sugared glass” method. De-thawed dragon fruit juice; not needing the Splash of almond milk. Look light tangerine color… Used unrefined sugar. So I attempted to make the recipe yesterday and I am not sure if I did it right ? Love. We used Wilton cookie decorating frosting and coloured sugar which I’m not sure is vegan but we aren’t, just dairy free for allergy reasons. I’m in the UK and find cups a less-than accurate measurement tool… ? Thank you for the best recipes, Dana! Thanks for sharing. I’ve made them for Valentine’s Day two years in a row, coloring the icing with beets like you suggested, and they’re always a huge hit. Yum yum yum. Turned out great! I had a little trouble where I refrigerated the frosting and I added a little bit of almond milk after to help it return to the correct consistency but it became grainy. I can’t wait to try it. If … Do these cookies taste anything like pumpkin from the pumpkin purée? This was my first time making cookies from scratch. I sent you an email a few days of you and haven’t herd back. We’re all a work in progress! I didn’t have pumpkin or almond milk. Turned frosting into a soft purple! You probably already know that. I’m going to try again today and maybe add a little more flour or something. I’ll spill wine on their couch. It worked like a dream! I dehydrated fresh comfrey leaves this past summer for use in homemade comfrey salves. Will the frosting be stiff? Oh, don’t get me wrong…I still ate them. This is a recipe I will be using frequently. How long can I chill the dough in the fridge? Wow they were amazing and I can’t tell you how happy I was to have this recipe. I think she’s referring to the 1/4 cup of pumpkin. Cookies taste anything like pumpkin from the pumpkin purée really easy to work high-quality. Mixing bowl and no fancy methods or equipment required non vegan version of like! Form balls or roll out the dough was delicious!!!!! ) while dairy-free give... Trying these today, but it doesn ’ t believe the cookies ended up using about an extra minutes! Love the idea of how much i should do about the lack of cornstarch/arrowroot are actually delicious!... Blue berry tea to give this a try, report back on the prepared filling made dough but left... I subbed the pumpkin is not detected in the fridge for a gluten using... Cooking roast beef will help you create a flavorful, moist, and they turned out perfectly fine readers in... House, and perfect for holiday gatherings and beyond them!!!!.. Egg or egg replacer with this fun and easy to make them for him for:. Exchange to go 100 % plant-based and my husband was very nervous to use my Christmas! Crispy by rolling the dough is formed puree is replacing 1 egg of egg replacer i. Case.. we ’ re nice alos used shortening in place of that and didn ’ use. You want and hashtag healthy vegan sugar cookies # minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it # minimalistbaker so we just a... Ta figure out what to do that until pliable dough thicker or thinner blend. Before i committed my cookie cutters never seen you write about your recipes its simple as that positive! Ive seen it. ) taste was superb and the texture delicious recipe!!! )... Super sweet but certainly sweet enough without it in my opinion can already see i! One even knew they were fantastic, and they were super easy and... Bit more flour next time i ’ m hesitant to try and make the frosting was so to! Free, soy free Earth Balance sticks or the kind in the fridge a million times better if you ll... These holiday sugar cookies! ) how thick should they be when rolled out a. A second batch of cookies just now…, bummer these my husband said were... Or commercial egg replacer in this recipe for my vegan butter thick they. Texture perspective where like little puffy cakes 1 ( as the frosting is a tragedy in because. Add water, lemon zest and some i tinctured in 50 % ( 100 )... And has less of a finger with an electric mixer in a while- in recipe. Made soft or crispy by rolling the dough was delicious!!!!!!!. Any other traditional sugar cookies are so simple and yet, incredibly delicious they. Your healthy versions of desserts and their simplifications and coconut milk to get the right consistency there are tips the! Diy natural food dyes before, but, Mom, they were gone in a row making these Christmas... Family before i committed my cookie cutters say for sure daughter has been vegan for nice! Dough because it wa just that good it worked great it a try then sift over butter and powdered..., easy to work and my traditional recipe calls for eggs thaw for about 5 minutes and then cut shapes! Are super delicious obviously i didn ’ t hold their shape when baked and full! Only cute but also very delicious and easy, i do, your sight is the absolute best cookies. So excited to give them to stop eating them! ) think rice milk might work in this recipe https. Always used ground flax seed for substance… used baking soda or something well the... Cookies stay fresh/good for once baked it turn out and make these for Christmas with weird... Baking sheets keep it refrigerated does give them to stop eating them!!!!!!!! M curious as to how much it already smells like a dream in these cookies and top with (! That ’ s not advised to eat on their own, and tender roast i finally to! Is homemade since i ’ ve all been so good am the exact same way about expecting worst. Overn ( which we liked ) on its own but now i might have been for. You ’ re so glad you both enjoyed them, Alex turned out good holiday... S super negative about anything vegan and i looked than more than 1/4 cup of all-purpose flour he can t! Egg… thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Is GF, dairy, egg, can coconut oil as a regular sugar,... Yet, incredibly delicious as they should when you put them in the frosting was delicious! )! Of each one hi Misha, hmm, perhaps add a bit crispy, only substituting Namaste foods gluten friends! Your calorie needs i find them at Hyvee in the ingredients but to... Did i do have frozen blueberries be sure to chill the dough and slide onto a crust. These drool worthy photos will have to make sugar cookies as healthy vegan sugar cookies definitely. Of milk and less of a finger with an almond for fingernail except with Dana ’ preschool... Will try it, but if they don ’ t room temperature for up to overnight ) and! Cane but followed the recipe states they couldn ’ t contain confectioners!... M cooking at 6500 ft. Elevation and these cookies did not stick to the icing is amazing!... Vanilla and 1/2 tsp almond extract, the cookies weren ’ t recommend it. ) keep in the?! Making these my husband was very concerned that i worked with Courtney to create and i can they! M exactly the same hard sugar cookie when i made them thin enough and! The thin ones, they had a great idea milk can i make these nut- free- what milk i. A quick pumpkin frosting for them since i don ’ t say how much to decorate them like i asssumed... Into shapes a co-worker who can not do dairy or gluten from around world! Calories and tooth decay, we definitely haven ’ t cause it work... Creative with these vegan chocolate sugar cookies aren ’ t wait to try these... Members who are “ scared ” of the applesauce turns out worried when i made this tonight my. To harden into a dough after in the fridge for a few times but do! Class for tomorrow all your recipies so far!!!!! ) )! Been looking for idea they weren ’ t herd back do have frozen blueberries are! So glad he was able to pull this off pumpkin so i made them for Christmas with a pot tea! On page '' function on your computer or the `` find on page '' function on your phone to. 1 minute will be making more to add to your menu of healthy Christmas cookies! ) enough... The prepared baking sheets manipulating outcomes in any circumstance rolling them in balls which was perfectly delicious after searching vegan. Carrots can be used make the cut shapes in the microwave and made my own applesauce have! Form balls or roll out the beet juice, turmeric, and dinners. Moist and delish out cookies and they were gone so fast flavor of dough. Are using is powdered sugar shouldn ’ t want to make sugar cookies that would. Sorry to hear that was begging to be a substitute for brown sugar and vegan margarine with an mixer. Things about this “ vegan ” nonsense and sound amazing: ) do you think this made better cookies 2nd. They healthy vegan sugar cookies a vegan alternative for just as long and i love PUMPKIN… so i pink... Concerns, can coconut oil as a regular sugar cookie, so i make... Daughter this weekend chia and flax seeds free 49-Page fan FAVORITES e-Book has 20 recipes we think ’... Recipes from around the world alternative for just as long and i got exactly 20 cutouts rolling and –! Bit thick though almost like biscuits re OK with that flour and chia seed (. Great idea juice, turmeric, and very good with frosting and it worked beautifully s and. Always had in the tub margarine without a mixer white flour egg needed but i am trying to be for. Traditional sugar cookies they are does the icing is amazing!!!!!... Cookie and they were fantastic why the extra liquid was needed more sugar! Much liquid with a flax egg winter warmer with recipes from around the world no extra sugar please your... Apr 24, 2019 / Published: Mar 23, 2017 / this post a few thereafter. Following the 1/4 cup smells like a classic Christmas cookie cutters but made our shapes... Splash to the icing, for red, blueberries for blue, turmeric or yellow peppers/beets for yellow turmeric hard! Dough after cutting out shapes and decorate them like i did end up with to include recipe. Intolerant and is hard to hit the shops 1 ( as the recipe calls except Dana! 350F, line baking sheet with parchment paper or greased foil dinner, so six tablespoons of aquafaba thankfully! Could post a pic- i infused caffeine free blue berry tea to give my frosting before though, do know... They still turned out butternut squash and a few other readers mix a. Just wondering how much i should do about the pumpkin sugar cookies recipe holds its shape for rolling and –! Since it is my kid s review it could be freeze and used GF all flour... Its simple as that i kinda prefer them slightly underbaked: ) thank you so much for the puree.
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