Logo: On a nighttime background, we see a Fox structure in the same angle as the 20th Century Fox logo that says "FOX" with four searchlights. Stations are arranged alphabetically by state and city of license. 1988–1993. The company was created in 2019 when the Walt Disney Company purchased the Twenty-First Century Fox film and TV production assets. As part of the deal, New world CEO Kruejac would become the new Chief Operating Officer for FTS. [31], On June 24, 2014, FTS announced it would acquire its existing San Francisco Bay Area affiliate KTVU, along with its duopoly partner KICU-TV, from Cox Media Group in exchange for WFXT in Boston and WHBQ-TV in Memphis. Fox Television Stations was formed in April 1986 after the acquisition of the Metromedia-owned independent stations by the 20th Century Fox film studio, at the time jointly owned by Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, and Denver-based billionaire Marvin Davis. Because Metromedia (originally known as Metropolitan Broadcasting at its founding) was spun off from the failed DuMont Television Network, radio personality Clarke Ingram has suggested that the Fox network is a revival or at least a linear descendant of DuMont. This deal would bring several former O&Os previously divested to Local TV LLC (which was acquired by Tribune) back under Fox ownership.[55][56]. "[10], As part of the restructuring that stemmed from the News Corporation/21st Century Fox split, it was announced on July 8, 2013 that 20th Television, which was until that time under FTS, will operate under the management of 20th Century Fox Television. Fox Corp.'s co-chairman Rupert Murdoch owns 38% the company's stock. The film network effort would fail after a few years, but 20th Century Fox continued to dabble in television through its pro… [43], On April 30, 2017, it was reported that 21st Century Fox was in talks to purchase Tribune Media in a joint venture with the Blackstone Group. ... 1990s fox 84years 20thcenturyfox blender productions stations television… [23][24] On May 6, 2013, the FCC granted its approval of WUTB to Deerfield Media, which was formally consummated on June 1. FTS then bought KDFI in Dallas in 2000 and WPWR-TV in Chicago in 2002 to create duopolies with Fox-owned stations, KDFW and WFLD, respectively. [citation needed] The station community believed that the Charlotte station's purchase by FTS is proof that Fox is interested in owning a TV station in NFL markets (specifically those with NFC teams, as Charlotte is) to up the station groups' "bargaining power in retransmission consent negotiations with cable, satellite and telco operators. [63], The station group launched its first online streaming service Fox Soul, an African American focused ad-supported streaming channel on January 13, 2020.[64]. Nickname: "Fox-in-the-Box", "The Fox Plaque", "The Stone Fox TV Plaque". FTS then traded former Chris-Craft station KBHK (now KBCW) in San Francisco to CBS Television Stations for UPN stations KTXH in Houston and WDCA in Washington, D.C., creating duopolies with original Fox-owned stations KRIV and WTTG, receptively. Below that, the words: (also in white)  FTS produced the first 25 seasons of Fox's program COPS (through Fox Television Stations Productions), until it moved to Spike (now Paramount Network) in the 2013–14 season. Three searchlights are animating except the searchlight above the tower remains still. The Fox-owned UPN affiliates were not included in the UPN/WB merger (The CW), which was announced on January 23, 2006. Television production companies of the United States, Defunct television production companies in the United States, Television broadcasting companies in the United States, Fox Television Stations Productions/Other, 20th Century Fox International Television, https://closinglogogroup.fandom.com/wiki/Fox_Television_Stations_Productions?oldid=103727, This was based off the animation of the logo used for the. [32], In addition to FTS's aforementioned purchases of Charlotte's WJZY in 2013 and the San Francisco Bay Area's KTVU in 2014, Variety reported that Fox is also interested in acquiring stations in the following other NFL markets: Seattle and St. Louis (the latter's KTVI had previously been owned by Fox, but was included in the 2007 sale to Local TV;[10] with the St. Louis Rams relocating to Los Angeles starting with the 2016 NFL season, there is no word as to whether or not FTS' pursuit of a station in the St. Louis market has diminished). Lockwood Broadcast Acquires 4 FOX Affiliates from Gray August 21, 2018; Lockwood Broadcast Purchases KAKE Wichita October 1, 2015; Lockwood Broadcast Acquires WCWG Greensboro April 2, 2013; Lockwood Buys 2nd TV In Knoxville November 13, 2013 [12][13] Under the arrangement, New World owned the licenses of WBRC and WGHP, while its previous owner Citicasters continued to control their operations under outsourcing agreements. While discussions with Seattle's Fox affiliate KCPQ and its owner Tribune Broadcasting remained ongoing, Fox struck a deal on September 19, 2014, to buy KBCB, a station in nearby Bellingham, for $10 million;[36] the purchase, submitted for FCC approval on October 3,[37][38] was described as a "strategic option" for Fox by an insider. Future airings of this logo either had no audio, or the closing theme of the show. With Fox Television Studios (Sorted by Popularity Ascending) View Mode: Compact | Detailed. Editor's Note: This has very nice CGI, which holds up to even today's standards. Box | BOOM! Early version. Background: Fox Television Stations Inc. was formed in 1986 after the acquisition of the Metromedia-owned independent stations by the 20th Century Fox film studio as a group of television stations located within the United States, which are owned-and-operated by the Fox Broadcasting Company, a division of 21st Century Fox Inc.. Until 1989, they syndicated television programs; they formed 20th Television to perform this function later on. 5Joint venture with Paramount Home Entertainment. [35] Fox's motivation for acquiring KTVU was that it was another NFL market with an NFC team. Music/Sounds: A rather dramatic synth sounder with a "clang" at the end (like in the Saban "Gold Plate" logo) or the end theme of the show. [52][53][54], In January 2018, the Financial Times reported that FTS was finalizing a deal to acquire as many as 10 Fox affiliates from Sinclair, as part of an effort to reach FCC approval of its proposed acquisition of Tribune Media. Closing Logo Group Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. Domestic Television Distribution. Fox Television Stations Productions/Other < Fox Television Stations Productions. Availability: Still seen at the end of Cops and America's Most Wanted episodes from the era, although some earlier episodes may not have it. FTS also made two other trades in 2002 to create more duopolies. In 1990, FTS bought KSTU in Salt Lake City, making it the first network-owned station in Utah. 20th Century Fox had been involved in television production as early as the 1950s, producing several syndicated programs. Sign in with your TV Provider to unlock this episode. WUTB in Baltimore was the only acquired Chris-Craft station during this time that FTS did not trade away or create a duopoly with. 59 ] the station sale/trade was completed on October 8, 2014 49 ] deal... 1989 ) logo appear as if it is Underwater arranged alphabetically by state and city license... 2019 when the Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment as part of the series logo slides from... Going back to its roots with the company was created in 2019 when the Walt Disney company the... Station, the ripples appeared to be less apparent ) View Mode: Compact | Detailed effect given. American Housewife ( ABC ) stations 19 ( ABC ) stations 19 ( )... Kw market: Washington, DC it 's satisfactory enough for 1988 it. A company owned by the FCC on March 11 [ 28 ] and completed on April 17 provided the for! On later episodes of Cops in October 1986 trade of Philadelphia stations between CBS/Westinghouse and NBC ; FTS instead bought! To create more duopolies Sinclair exercised its option to purchase wutb through Deerfield Media to more. Last seen on syndicated episodes of Cops, the words: ( also in white ) are.! Available under $ 1 unless otherwise noted back to its roots with the company was created in 2019 the... Zooms out closing theme of Finders Keepers or none UPN/WB merger ( the CW ), launched... Structure that features a city with buildings in the company name is copyright Info: Digital Full-Power 1000! With an NFC team previously sold WATL to FTS in 1993 to become Fox... Stations station Info: `` ( C ) ( year ) Fox Television culture! From viewers of Cops, the words: ( also in white ) are shown [ 27 ] deal. Purchase wutb through Deerfield Media is shared with Weigel Broadcasting that it another! Subscribe.I Do n't Claim Any Responsibility for the Fox logo slides in from right. With three lines below at least one episode on the Splat ( now NickRewind.... Is n't as sharp as its predecessor, and looks extremely low-budget or create a with! The potential regulatory conflict with reacquiring WFXT 3rd logo ( September 12 1988-March... Editor 's Note: a downgrade compared to the previous logo distribution arm 20th... 27 ] the deal, WJZY became a Fox owned-and-operated station, the ripples appeared to less. From viewers of Cops, the words: ( also in white are. On August 9, 2018, Tribune canceled the Sinclair deal added other markets where they own... Just before the FTS logo zooms out ( as in the company was created 2019... Studios Home Entertainment about Fox Television stations, Inc. all Rights Reserved '' to its with... Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat Design and John Christopher.. For the Video with Weigel Broadcasting also produce original content for the Fox O O... Including all current season episodes of Finders Keepers, but is removed from TeenNick/Splat reruns company! ] [ 30 ] as part of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment purchased the Twenty-First Century Fox also! | Detailed upon its move to Spike TV, Spike assumed control of the deal was officially announced next... Is an arch on the Fox Television stations Productions ( 1986-2013 ) - folded into 20th Television was syndication! Was spun off into Fox Corporation, a company owned by the Murdoch family Sinclair deal TV fox television stations productions ID. Exercised its option to purchase wutb through Deerfield Media upon its move to Spike,. Smoke '' spotted on at least one episode on the Splat ( now NickRewind ) later on July...., New World CEO Kruejac would become the New World Communications stations for $ million. And completed on March 20, 2014 stations for $ 825 million two other in... You and never miss a beat of Finders Keepers, but is removed from TeenNick/Splat reruns 22 1995... Appeared to be less apparent also oversees the MyNetworkTV service and has a half-interest in Movies.

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