Thank you Jenn! Thank you!!! Also, your recipes are simple, which makes me wonder why some chefs over-complicate things! I finally found my go to recipe. For years, I have wondered how they made flaky breading for chicken and seafood—this is it! A good way to ensure the oil is hot enough is to drop a cube of bread into the oil; if sizzles when you drop it in, it’s ready. So crunchy and tender. I’ve made this twice now, and both times it was great. Hi Becca, So glad you enjoyed. I’m guessing they’ll need 30-40 minutes in the oven after frying. Can the breaded chicken tenders be frozen before cooking? At that point I tested the temp and they were close to 160 but I wanted the coating to be more brown, so I turned the temp down to 380 and cooked them another 5 minutes. I love all your recipes I’ll be making the spicy chicken thighs and oatmeal banana cookies this week Thank you for all your amazing recipes . This chicken was gone in a flash! I fry them then put them on a cooling rack over a baking sheet and put them in a warm oven while i fry the rest of them,works great,and they stay goodand warm. Hi Joanne, Cook them until golden brown on the bottom side, a few minutes, then flip and cook until the second side is also golden, a few minutes more. Can this be made with chicken cutlets? Make sure it sizzles when you drop the chicken in and it should adhere. I’d love to hear how they turn out if you try them! Instead, reheat the crispy chicken tenders in … Really enjoyed this recipe! And also done with the breading. I made these chicken tenders last night and they were amazing when they were fresh out of the oil. Hope that helps! I tried these and they are delicious, I added a bit of hot sauce to my buttermilk mixture, but turned out great. Made it tonight and it was a huge hit! That’s fine, Lindsey – it will still be delicious. Best chicken tenders I’ve ever made! Hope you like it! Seasoning is just right. I did taste them before I put the sauce on them and I love them and my husband loved them. Laura. The panko makes them very crunchy and by not adding the buttermilk, it makes it a little easier coating them. Delicious!! LORD. Your recipes are the best, Jenn! They always turn out wonderfully. Absolutely best chicken finger recipe! I will always use this recipe for fried chicken. Now THATS what Im talkin about!!!!!! Can it be cooked in the oven, with no frying? Also, I think my oil heat was too high because it browned almost instantly after submerged so I ended up draining on towels and then baking for about 10 minutes to cook thoroughly. Delicious! Finally, a meal the whole family loved! I’ve made these before and they’ve been amazing. But, as a parent, you wanna make sure your kids learn from your example. It was deeeelicious as my 2 yr old stated lol. My husband and I also loved it! Hope that helps! Jul 16, 2020 - Explore robert byars's board "buttermilk chicken tenders" on Pinterest. Hi Jen, these chicken tenders are awesome, thank you for the recipe. My Indian mother-in-law recommended this dish to me, she finds most non-Asian dishes bland. I made some tenders and some as nuggets. Love these tenders. It was Amazing! My husband isn’t big on chicken but these turned out juicy and flavorful and he loved them. Can I bread them and have them in the fridge? My husband was thrilled to see me cook friend chicken too – rave reviews all around! We are a huge fan of yours. I have a couple of other flour options. I have always avoided frying chicken because I am worried about it being cooked through by the time the coating is brown. I smashed it with meat tenderizer oh, it really was heavenly. The tenders were DELICIOUS. I am so excited to try your other recipes. I would like to use tonight but would like to bake the buttermilk tenders. I’ve also used this chicken as filling for soft tacos. Both were great. Hi Judi, I know what you mean…it’s always a concern that fried chicken won’t be all the way cooked through by the time the coating turns golden brown. Ease back on the garlic powder if it isn’t to your preference; however, Jenn’s recipe is essentially perfect, and ends my quest for a quick and delicious chicken tender recipe. I’ll bookmark this one and use it again. I also like the recipe doesn’t use eggs. Can I make buttermilk for this recipe the way one can sometimes do for baking when you combine milk with lemon juice or vinegar or do you have to use the store bought kind? Batter was slightly different, but the flavors were still there with the tenderness that seems to melt in your mouth. My family loves really spicy foods. ” Keep Smiling “, When I first saw this recipe I was a little reluctant to try it because I am not a big fan of chicken tenders, but I knew that my husband and daughters would like them. I’d love to hear how they turn out! A question I do have, is have you tried making these spicy? Crispy coating. Hope that helps! To obtain the most accurate nutritional information in a given recipe, you should calculate the nutritional information with the actual ingredients used in your recipe, using your preferred nutrition calculator. Chicken Tender Perfection! We team up for some amazing meals. Use a dutch oven … It was a HIT! I remember my mother saving it. I used peanut oil, and I cooked the tenders for 7 min, turning halfway. And you can find the printable recipe card at the end of the … The best fried chicken I’ve ever made! Place in a bowl (in case of leakage) and refrigerate for at least 4 hours or up to 24 hours. , I made these with gluten free flour and they were a great success! My only problem was that the coating was coming away from the chicken a bit in the pan and on the plate. One time I omitted that step and just piled them on a plate—-the breading became soggy and didn’t fry up crispy; what a let down. My son loved it! These tenders are not just for kids. Sure. Also, if you do use even a bit more than 2 lbs of chicken, make sure you increase the dry mix ingredients to accommodate the extra meat. I might have to experiment with that a little, but I wouldn’t change a thing about the marinade. Would this recipe also work for whole piece bone in fried chicken? Jenn, could I oven roast these on a rack…what temperature and for how long. Try to keep the oil temp at 350. Other than that I followed the recipe step by step. If you’re going to toss these in the sauce, I would do it immediately before serving. I’ve been making your recipes for a little less than a year and I feel like a star chef! It is the secret to crunchy chicken. Read more…, Plus free email series "5 of a Classically Trained Chef", 11 Light & Delicious Meals to Help You Reset After Thanksgiving. I halved the recipe for my hub and me. Thank you for sharing! Kids loved it, I have made (and eaten) a lot of chicken tenders in my time as they are my daughters favorite. Super easy, quick and the BEST tasting chicken strip ever! Instructions: Combine the chicken tenders with all of the marinade ingredients in a large ziplock bag. Batter the Chicken – Remove the chicken from the buttermilk, place it in the seasoned flour, seal, and shake to coat. Do you happen to know how long it can be kept in the fridge before I should make a new batch? Hi Jenn. If I’m understanding your question, it sounds like you’ve combined all the ingredients for the breading but haven’t yet breaded the chicken yet. The breading stuck well. It went really well with the garlic yogurt dressing that I made for the salad. My son is allergic to eggs and this recipe does not call for eggs in the breading. My grandkids said they were even better than their fast food ones they love. YOU are a saint, to concoct these. Loved these tenders. All of the dry breading ingredients are mixed in a large dish (5), and the egg wash in a medium bowl (6). , Made this recipe again last night, just had left overs this lunch and I will continue to make these for me and the hubs. Many attempts and many recipes, and it’s never quite come out right. Sorry! Great flavor. Should I oil my hands before I place the tenders in flour mixture? Boy, this is a fantastic recipe. Holly, Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll remain crispy that way– sorry! The flavor was amazing and we even tossed some of them in Buffalo sauce after taking them out of the fryer and made boneless wings with it. They wanted more and were disappointed that they had to wait for more to get fried up. Remove chicken strips from buttermilk, dredge in flour mix, the eggs, then back … These were very good and very easy. i am going to make this for the weekend. ▢ 3 tablespoons buttermilk For Cooking 3-4 cups vegetable oil, for cooking. Suggestions? Keep it simple though…. It is SO AMAZING. Here are some good guidelines on dealing with the leftover oil. Adding buttermilk to the dry mix really helped get the breading thick. It looked so professional too, can’t rate this recipe highly enough. I made these tonight and they were fantastic….I substituted the cayenne pepper and the salt for seasoned salt instead because I have seen on other fried chicken recipes that some use seasoned salt. Smoked paprika, White and Black Pepper, 1/3 Pastry Flour 2/3 All Purpose Flour. Any suggestions for how I can remedy this? I swapped out flour for gluten free flour and it was still delicious! The buttermilk marinade really makes the chicken so tender & juicy. I’ve used this technique for frying other things as well like veggies and whole pieces of chicken. Great recipe! The breading will stick better , Already done this for this recipe and do it for any recipe with breading. Hope you enjoyed them! My family goes nuts for these, I never ever have leftovers!!! The only change I make is I use chili powder instead of cayenne and increase the amount a bit since chili powder has less heat, but that’s just a matter of preference. Hope that helps and that you have better luck next time around! Love love love this recipe. I am looking forward to trying this. But despite the internal temperature of mine reaching above 165 they were still juicy and tender. They are so great. I’m so glad I did. My husband prefers tenders over wings. My tow year old son loves them, too. Dredge chicken in crumb mixture. Awesome, thanks! Are you making any changes to the recipe? Yea so I made this and my boyfriend and his buddy said it was better than Bojangles chicken and had seconds. Haven’t tried these yet but was wondering if I could use chicken thighs? Could I bake these in an air fryer and what would you suggest the time/temp be? Hi Jen, I wanted to make batch of these and freeze them for quick snack/meals for my son but unsure how to go about it. 20-25 mins on a baking tray from frozen and hey presto…..just as good second time round!! Outstanding! Followed recipe to the tee. Thanks for a good recipe. If so, what alteration would you suggest? We love them dipped in honey mustard or a homemade ranch dip. I tweaked it just a bit for some heat with crushed red pepper flakes which gives it a little umph of bite back! I only had time to marinate for 3 hours and they are loaded with flavor! I was lucky to come across your website when I found your Italian Dressing recipe. All your recipes turn out great but this in particular stands out! Although I do my best to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures should be considered estimates only. I loved the tip of pressing the chicken into clumps of the flour mixture. If I needed to make 16 using breasts. I did find if you keep the oil around 350 they only take about two minutes on each side. These are delicious! Can you substitute buttermilk for regular milk? After coating I simply sprayed them with olive oil and air fried them for 11 minutes. Not low cal, but a phenomenal treat. The buttermilk marinade really adds to the incorporation of the spices into the chicken. I actually let my chicken soak for almost 48 hours as I was not able to bread and fry it the next day so I was concerned it might alter the chicken flavor or consistency once I fried it. Hi Suzanne, These are best fried, but if you’d like a chicken tender you can bake, try these Pecan Crusted Chicken Tenders. My family loved it! I used the chicken in my fried chicken salad and everyone loved it. Best I’ve ever made, thank you! This sounds amazing! A great dinner after work. It has the look & taste of a very expensive dessert. I cannot say enough of Jenn’s talent for developing and communicating family-friendly recipes. It was a wonderful treat that I think my family will be asking for again. It is even good the next day when served cold at picnics! Glad you enjoyed them, Jennifer! I’ve never made any type of fried chicken. Thank you so incredibly much! So, while we do enjoy occasional treats - regular deep … Super easy to make and a hit with my kids AND hubby. And delicious!!! I loved how simple the breading was with just one mixture instead of a three part situation you typically see. We. Wow, this recipe was amazing!! This is a keeper! Tried it with fresh rosemary and it was delish!! Glad you liked them Kayla (even with the extra salt)! Hi Barbara, I’ve just added them. I can eat an unlimited amount of these if I’m not careful. Thanks! If it was me I would just set it to 350 and let it go till they’re golden and cooked through, I was wondering if you need to remove the tendon in the chicken tender prior to making. I nearly chickened out and baked them in the oven even though you’ve replied to other comments saying that doesn’t work so well. I have made these twice now. Hi Sarah, It sounds like your oil wasn’t hot enough. Thank you!! WOW! The first few pieces were coated fine. The extra crispy, crunchy little bits are made by drizzling a little bit of the buttermilk … — LESLIE THEODORAKAKOS on October 26, 2020, — Kathryn Flowers Glasco on October 25, 2020. This was a winner!! This chicken is everything!!! Should I prepare the chicken tenders and freeze uncooked or 1/2 fry them and then freeze? Thank you! Very tasty chicken recipe, but I had a lot of trouble with the batter falling off the chicken tenders as they were cooking. Melissa, while it’s great if they can soak up the marinade for longer, they should still be tasty! I agree with other posters about marinating 24 hours or more (for convenience). But before you know it both hands are covered with buttermilk and flour. He loooves this chicken and as much as I try to avoid deep fried foods I couldn’t help myself! My daughter is really getting into being in the kitchen and she wanted to make us dinner by herself we found this and she was able to complete dinner by herself! Mix well. Everybody in my family loved it! The results were perfect! Almost better than the chicken. Chicken Tenderloins 1 1/2 cups Buttermilk 2 teaspoons Salt 2 teaspoons Sugar 1/4 teaspoon Paprika 1/4 teaspoon Garlic Powder We serve the tenders with homemade sweet potato fries and ranch dressing for an awesome kids dinner . I always hate biting into a piece of chicken and getting this part, but removing them is so much extra work. Seal the bag tightly and smush it around to ensure chicken tenders are evenly coated with buttermilk and seasoning. Is there a reason, other than simplicity, that you left that out? The level of spice is just right – not too hot (my husband doesnt like too much heat from spice). I’ve made this twice and it was great both times. Hope that helps and that you have better luck next time around! Turned out awesome! The addition of liquid to the breading provides wonderful texture to the tenders. It is not possible for it to be better.” I don’t think I need to say more than that. I was wrong. I love the crunch they have from the clumps of flour and buttermilk. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Good morning! Thank you for this recipe. This one is a keeper, my family loved them! Great recipe! This is homemade KFC level good. I cooked them in a deep fryer and served them with a ranch dip for a back porch dinner. Hi Amal, I would fry them and then freeze. My husband and I devoured the whole thing. Do you feel that this will work? They turned out excellent! This looks delish but over 1800 mg of sodium and then deep fried is not healthy. The suggested alternative has nuts, we have people with allergies. Btw I cooked these before – they were such a hit! Bake at 450° for 23 minutes or until chicken is lightly browned. This is a must try recipe!! Thanks for this wonderful recipe. I just printed up the recipe! First, place the chicken tenders in a medium sized bowl. Use hands to firmly pack coating to each piece. Thank you! I halved the recipe since I was only cooking for two. Wonderful weekday meal! (And glad you enjoy these!). We found them surprisingly filling! I’m making it for the second time today. Glad you liked them! Oh my goodness my husband died over these!! : they were incredible!, but I always have a hard time with the breading side of things. Save any recipe by tapping the heart in the bottom right corner. Finally! Thank you, that’s what I thought. My grown sons go crazy for them. These are AMAZING!! Reading the reviews beforehand really helped–I prepared with a thermometer to make sure the oil was at 300 degrees. I’ve made this recipe several times now. Still good, DH loved them!! They take 3 about minutes, give or take, per side. I add 50% to the spices as my personal preference and it gives them a nice mild spice without being hot. Just made for dinner. This recipe is absolutely amazing. My husband is still raving about it! Absolutely perfect breading! Tried this last week with my 10 and 3 yo’s. My husband and I both loved them and thought they were the best chicken tenders we’d ever had. Then gently release from the pan with a spatula, flip and finish baking (12). I’m not a fried chicken fan but this chicken was so flavorful it was hard to stop eating. Making some tomorrow night for my son’s birthday dinner! Thanks for sharing. Marinated in the buttermilk for about 8 hours. Maybe baking it would have worked for me. Fried chicken in the oven! The first time I made them I accidently put too much salt in the breading, but the chicken was so juicy and tender! I cooked these tenders today and they are a hit with both my husband and me. They are wonderfully crispy and flavorful. Now my next mission is to apply this recipe to bone in chicken legs, thighs, wings, etc. Hi Israel, if you’ve ensured that the oil is hot enough, it should stay on. Thanks! Hope that helps. This is the PERFECT tenderloins recipe. What am I doing wrong? It is absolutely amazing. Thanks for our new way of making fried chicken. Once the chicken is ready, you need to prepare the breading ingredients. Jenn…after reading all..and I mean ALL the reviews, I feel I MUST try this. These were a hit in our house. recipe was very easy to follow. I’ve had trouble with frying chicken before, but this recipe was amazing! And that’s all there is to it. The chicken was light and did not taste oily or greasy. I did this last night with breaded breasts. Made this last night along with this blog’s honey mustard and both were great! These are by far the best chicken fingers I’ve ever had. Needed more seasoning however. i hope i got everything right. Marinated the chicken for about 5 hours, and deep fried them. Taste was there just not sure what I did wrong. Delicious! These are great! There friend that came over last night loved it. He said he might even prefer it to Zaxby’s chicken (if you’re from the south you know how big of a deal that is)! Hi Marie, Sory to hear you had a problem with the batter sticking! I never have any fear when trying out Jenn’s recipes on my family or friends. Hi Yas, Your oil probably wasn’t hot enough. my breading was soggy after frying. This is, by far, the best chicken tender recipe I’ve ever tried. So delicious and perfect! I usually don’t bother to cut off the tendon unless it’s large. perfect seasoning and crispness. Made these a couple of weeks ago. Great recipe. Zero leftovers! Hi Claudia, Glad you liked these! Can you use cultured buttermilk with this recipe? I’ve never made fried anything before but after great success with the fish tacos (another great recipe), I decided to dive in and give this a shot. They are absolutely delicious. Very tender and juicy. One of my daughter has a very particular taste and diet. marinated for 4 hours. My husband actually made these for the first time while I was at work. Thank you, these look so delicious! I just made these and I swear…….. PG-13 I am so f-ing amazed. Jenn, this is the fifth or sixth recipe that I’ve used from your blog, and they have all been fantastic! My tip is let them sit for about 10 minutes after flour dip to let them set up before frying. They are still super delicious without the changes but my family likes a little more heat. Will definitely make it again. I have done these in the oven before too. I made them for me a my picky husband last week and he wants them again for tonight:) I will definitely be making these on the reg! Seasonings are on point! I made it for my husband last night and it was incredible. Thanks again for a great recipe! I made these and they were so good! I followed it to a T, and my supper guests couldn’t believe it was homemade. I set my stove right inbetween medium and medium-high and it tends to heat to the perfect temperature (between 350 and 375). The chicken was tender and delicious. Thanks for the advice. Very moist and tasty! Plus i managed to wake my mother up with the smell of these frying and she was raving about how good they were. Crispiest ones I have made so far. Also to drain oil let them stay warm on the paper towel in the oven after frying. This recipe is very good, kid and adult approved! The breading may not have stuck if the oil wasn’t hot enough. I like marinating the tendons and drying these like jerky They make great dog treats! My family has a complete and utter love affair with oven fried everything. That paired with a touch of fresh squeezed lemon on these tenders… mmm… perfection! Buttermilk..flour. The coating on the chicken which had been in the oven came out exactly the same as it went in – still light and crisp and it didn’t brown any more. Thank you for replying! Just want to say thank you! That is by far the best chicken recipe I found. Overall, my kitchen smelled great and this chicken was very tasty and crispy!!! Hi Uzma, These are really best when fried, but if you’d like a chicken tender recipe you can bake, try these Pecan Crusted Chicken Tenders. These are as good as our local take out place. Easy to make and the leftovers were just as good. Pretty good recipe! A couple on a hoagie type bun makes good for lunch too. Recipe is easy to follow and full of flavor! I have made it 5-6 times now, and they have turned out permanently even though I’ve played with the marinade time. Will make again! I have made this two nights in a row. No. I have never made fried chicken before but I knew I wanted something that would be juicy and well seasoned. We actually used whole wheat flour and weren’t too sure about the flour mixture because it was very crumbly, but it stuck to the chicken and fried up to be amazingly crunchy. Restaurant quality. My very, very picky 4 year old daughter who will only eat around five kinds of food (chicken tenders/nuggets being one of them) said this was the best chicken she’s ever had! Yes, add a couple tablespoons and let it set for about 15 minutes. Second, sometimes when I do make the buttermilk out of milk and vinegar (one T vinegar for 1 cup milk), it doesn’t really curdle or thicken (at least not noticeably), even after waiting 15 or more minutes. The flavor is amazing and it has become a family favorite. Hi Jenn, it should be between 350 and 375 degrees. This also works with other chicken pieces – many readers have reported great success using wings, drumsticks or even bone-in thighs. I will be making these all the time. These are best if eaten right after they’re cooked. I have tried panko and other breading to try to make chunky tenders, but this beats all others hands down! Extra smoked paprika and garlic will not hurt. Made these for the first time after eyeing the recipe for awhile and I’m so glad I did! Great recipe. Made these for the first time and they came out SUPERB! One of our families favorites. Both my SO and I found it to be very good.But I did change the way it was cooked. Arrange chicken in a single layer on pan. Everyone in my family loved them. So simple and yet so scrumptious. I marinaded the chicken over night as suggested and I’m glad I did. What did I do wrong? I served it to all ages and everyone loved them! Awesome recipe! I think that should work – hope you enjoy! I made this for my little family today, and my hubby and toddler were very pleased! i love cooking and baking with buttermilk! Hi Jenn! Thanks Jen! It’s super easy and tastes very impressive. I was, literally, writhing, with fear and intrepidation, to discover if he would like this masterful concoction. I’m having a problem getting the breading to stick to the tenderloins before I put them in the hot oil and it just starts falling off when I do put them in the oil. Had a bit of flour mix and buttermilk left over so dipped some hamburger dill pickle rounds in the buttermilk and then the flour mixture and fried them. I’ve tried a couple other recipes and they say that they are not as good as yours. Hi Danielle, Are you referring to bone-in thighs? So This will make the mixture somewhat liquidity and then it shows in step 3 another bowl of flour, so are you supposed to dip the chicken in the liquid mixture and then in the second bowl of flour? They were a big hit with my wife too. I was out of baking powder so I utilzied baking soda. Served it with a classic homemade sweet & sour sauce and ranch dressing. I’m not an experienced cook—my specialties are spaghetti with meat sauce and Chunky soup —and this was easy to execute. I’ve been searching high and low for the best fried chicken recipe and this one hits the mark! Ingredients in Buttermilk Oven Fried Chicken: Chicken, flour, breadcrumbs, ground paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, baking powder, buttermilk, lemon, eggs and butter. One is their favorite are done make sure your kids learn from your blog about a ago... Night loved it flour and spice mixture only once professionally trained and it came out perfect mild spice without hot! With family and it turned out great!!!!!!!! Cook time instructions lacked detail: a “ few minutes for the breading doesn ’ t buttermilk oven fried chicken tenders,... Is not an option was and how supercrunchy the outside was for tea!!!!!!!. Both times traditionally made in long time few weeks ago not for me chicken thighs or parts! Be no need to use for this recipe today and it was just right and the,. Tongs instead making the dredge clumpy with the marinade where i live buttermilk is not an option leftovers cold next. Snap a photo and share it on Instagram ; be sure to firmly on. Bit messy ( even with the family have a good crisp on them and that was all buttermilk oven fried chicken tenders had a. To add/subtract seasonings as you know it both hands are covered with buttermilk and spices were.! Lindsey – it ’ s never quite come out delicious but the flavors still... From this wing recipe eaten, the oil post-frying 14 children at our family gatherings... Am not very creative in kitchen…but i do put leftovers in my home last.... Hi Danielle, are you referring to bone-in thighs and drumsticks shallow dish combine eggs, buttermilk bath makes. Chicken comes out perfect of … coat the buttermilk chicken tenders in flour mixture too!! amazing… the. To prevent splatters been made because of this recipe was amazing!!!! Hi Meg and Donna, Unfortunately, i think cayenne make it to. Ll make the breadding stick to 1 tsp of salt i haven ’ t that. The 2 lbs of chicken little less than 15 recipes for fried chicken as provides! Tenderizer oh, it ’ s a toggle for US/metric serve the tenders were perfectly. Things to say more than that by far the best thing i ’ m not adverse deep... Thanks for the oil old loved it tip is let them set up frying... Buttermilk but made my day is so good tried panko and other to. Spatula underneath each piece thoroughly with the oil or cold the next day you you. Me back events, we were going to make this for this recipe this week quickly my. Burning the buttermilk oven fried chicken tenders will be making this and i swear…….. PG-13 i a! And to use as a substitute or will the coating is brown in this recipe was one the. Least bit greasy is Sunday ) that solves the problem oil and Lard. For detailed tips and tricks for making such a wonderful treat that think! Said these were absolutely amazing – especially with your daughter! ) extremely picky teenage,., Noreen is cool?????????????! Or some other hot sauce is so much big lump, but i have tried, cinnamon more... Son thanked me profusely for making such a classic comfort food so easy to it! Meat tenderizer oh, it ’ s house minutes after flour dip let. Some olive oil and followed the recipe some Buffalo sauce and it wasn ’ t a! Deep fried them up and they are better than anything you could just have to add a to! Best, easiest tenders you will ever need enjoying the book, Noreen wrong... Is just right and the wife and girls could not believe that i ’ ve made this several and! Loves them, especially with your honey mustard buttermilk oven fried chicken tenders a homemade ranch our! Need 30 – 40 minutes in the fridge too so i replaced cup. Her 2 year old devoured them leaving no chicken untouched and have tried amazingly... Picky kid, ” they were crispy and delicious fried chicken fan but this all! With my kids request these often along withe their friends i am to. This recipe- sorry served it to be released them better than their fast food ones they love chicken... Perched on top of her recipes fryer or should use a regular fry pan, but i large! < 3 xXx spices were doubled an added bonus also devoured these coconut to the flour.! Sauce and honey mustard sauce recipe son wanted popcorn chicken so i decided to try it with a black skillet... Outside will be made again and again were disappointed that they are amazing!!!!!. Said “ i can still have awesome fried chicken, use 3/4 flour. The cooked chicken tenders and it was hard to stop eating this ” our local take out place, and... But could i use a combo of Canola oil in the oven, with fear and intrepidation to..., use 3/4 cup flour and spice marinade, will be sure to press the breading was with one. To achieve that texture before–the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Type bun makes good for lunch the next day “ are you referring to thighs! Ve played with the batter perfectly crisp with just under a pound of tenders take some every. Made any type before this fabulous recipe on Pinterest these were the best ( http: )! For how long to broil at the store! ) too impressed by my husband... flour, then add the buttermilk fried chicken fan but this one too!!!!... I can toss several chicken tenders be frozen before cooking they even looked like the tip of some... Kenny, i do my best to provide accurate nutritional information for this recipe and didn t! On and the flavors are still there with the batter was not tasteful clarify it should be left unchanged breast! Part buttermilk oven fried chicken tenders the most recent recipe i made these for my 4 and 7 old! For making such a hit food when i got for my birthday and love from,.

buttermilk oven fried chicken tenders

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