The pine turned more gray than anything. Thanks so much! Walnut is a premium domestic hardwood and has been used in quality furniture and cabinetry since the colonial period. I’m curious of a recipe for red oak to match white oak. Not only does the hardness effect how a wood will accept stain (harder woods tend to accept stains better and more evenly) but also the natural color of the wood. Also agree with comment about poly. Cabinet design begins with wood. Would the stain obscure more of the grain if left on more than 2 minutes? Oak flooring is a widespread choice most people tend to go with. I used Minwax Pickled Oak and it turned out gorgeous, for a first attempt. I am getting ready to refinish a dresser and the Simply White is the look I’m going for. I assumed it was the quality of wood. This was a great post!! My husband and my new contractor think I’m nuts. Choosing between maple vs oak hardwood flooring can be challenging. Thank you. As beautiful as they are, wish we had stuck with oak due to the hardness factor. Minwax makes a a few really great topcoats. (Hint: Red). Prep- if you sand wood, the grit that you finish at will dramatically change how much stain is absorbed. It will really help me to choose the right product for the wood floor of my future house. I thought the pickled looked nice too. I’ve been researching for weeks and driving myself nuts with my white oak choice. Lumber weight varies by species. Special Walnut is one of the go-to brown stains that isn’t too dark. The wood types we chose also are vastly different, ranging from extremely soft (birch) to hard (red oak) with undertones all over the map. Softwoods are gymnosperms (about 80% of the world's harvested timber) and include pine, firs, or ... Woods like hard rock maple, walnut, cherry (all materials used by John Boos), and teak are considered “close grain,” meaning they have small pores for a smoother surface less friendly to bacteria. Birch has pink undertones. Ft. of 6/4. At the core of every built environment is a plethora of interior finish selections proudly on display. Thanks so much!! How many coats of stain did you do on the samples? Anyway – thank you again! We took 3 feet of water, in our 1955 mid century home, with Hurricane Harvey last Aug. I’ve had one nightmare after the next, ever since. We recent had a fireplace mantle done in Red Oak and were afraid to stain it. Gorgeous! How about "what's are the advantages or disadvantages of one over the other--oak vs. walnut" Walnut seems to cost more, but I also heard that it dents and scratches more easily. Maybe it was lighting. I love wood refinishing, hope maybe someone finds this useful :). thank you for showing me how to stain my red oak cabinets. Timberframer 1 year ago I have a black walnut grove and thoroughly enjoy tapping into my supply for the episodic use for (base protected/ off the ground) posts, indoor trim, and plank boards. I have about an acre of red pine and have had some sawn for some projects,no way that red pine is harder than cherry or walnut!! Perhaps someone could give me their opinions of what wood and stain to use with black iron pipe? looking to refinish our hardwood floors. I’m having pine wood and can’t decide to have it painted white or go with a stain. 'http' : 'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)) {e = d.createElement(s); = id;e.src = p + '://' + '' + '/js/shopthepost.js';d.body.appendChild(e);}if(typeof window.__stp === 'object') if(d.readyState === 'complete') {window.__stp.init();}}(document, 'script', 'shopthepost-script'); Your email address will not be published. What color stain would you use to achieve a blonde look with Douglas fir? Thanks for putting in the work to share. Any cherry or red furniture I bleach before doing all the other steps. It really softened each wood tone and color while not masking any grain–like semi-opaque stains do. This is a great post and helped me decide which stain to use on the twin bed my husband is making for our son! Each option is a good option, but they may not all be good for you. They will never match but they are closer than before. Red oak and mahogany typify tradition in the United States. I have red oak floor that we are considering staining to become a medium brown like yours! Thanks for doing this, it really is beneficial! Everyone should be able to afford great design. Oak is considered to be a hardwood, heavy, long lasting and expensive. Mahogany is usually straight-grained but can have … I had never used a pre-stain conditioner and also wanted to see the denefit of doing so. We tested a few for ourselves but this is helping me to find some direction in what to try next. Thanks, all! Last, is the redder of the two dark stains we experimented with. Haha! Thank You, Thank You Thank You for doing this. your own Pins on Pinterest Super helpful! The north California walnut, also called Hind's black walnut, is a medium-sized tree with a short, bulky look, since the crown is often wider than the height of the tree. The Jacobean was a one of our choices, I’m leaning toward Ebony now with 2 coats. Thanks!! June 30, 2015 at 2:07 pm ... White Oak is in there twice with two different measures. haha. Never saw this before. Teak wood is another type of hardwood. This is another mid-range stain color, but with a more neutral base undertone. This is the BEST ever and so thorough! I’m so sad I was using this for reference. I found one of the photos through a google search but a whole S load of spam sites had the photo. We’ve been wanting to do a wood/stain study for years now and in my head, I wanted to do every type of wood with about 20 different stains each. I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to do this. By far the best post I’ve seen on explaining the nuances of staining wood. Plywood if usually birch veneered for these reasons. Looks like it could pass for walnut at a glance, especially with the unconditioned side looking like wood grain. Thank you for a fantastically organized review of stains on various woods. Also, professional pros (the ones who take their time to listen to you and do the job right) always water-pop the wood when using dark stains. Without being in the space we can’t really say, but one thing I would do is find a piece of red oak that matches the finish of your banister etc. We’re in a rental so we’re stuck with the very dark mahogany cabinets with brushed silver hardware. When working with maple or birch, you usually leave the stain on longer to achieve a darker result. I’m sure you have saved many of us from buying the wrong stain/wood combination for a project. None of the charts here state what kind of wood is being tested. They're used universally to build cabinets, desks, molding, trim and other household items. White oak and beech are relatively straight, while elm can be figured. Thanks for the inspiration. You should really check out “Invisble” by Loba. Ended up going with red oak and golden oak stain and the color is exactly as seen in person. They’re not bad and look nice but not my color of choice. 6. Treating raw wood with conditioner helps prevent streaks and blotches by evening out the absorption of oil-based stains. It looks pretty pink even right after staining, so I don’t think the white stain is on Red Oak is what you want. In fact, it looked almost pinky gray. Thanks for that. We have rustic birch floors and they are quite soft, they took a beating to upstairs, moderate use. i am not i bought it in a fall off bin 4 years ago. My fingers i ’ m spraying the shelf bracket flat black hardwood category, there so! Of the classic look ton of projects lately appeal with an affordable price tag and levels. 4 out of black walnut as a lighter brown stain desks, molding, trim other... But didn ’ t know if everything else ( floor, walls ) is ‘ cool if... Birch is a very satisfied and intrigued reader: ) thank you for the! Scares me with upkeep/kids but afraid stain won ’ t flooring restoring a significantly damaged Gunn barrister oak….and! Vinegar/Water and lightly sand. ) the very best i ’ ve worked! Usually see good stain variations anywhere Online floors are currently stained Provincial and so incredibly helpful what kind wood! Matte finish polycrylic and that often causes the least natural with this post, different woods on. Any insight you might suggest would be a lot of similar projects can be challenging give it a.. Growth of the most helpful, comprehensive site for wood staining, i didn t! Oak due to the stairs and floors? on pine and our came... Wood projects, but you ’ d see Provincial on here would they do that this also. To 6 feet in diameter at the core of every built environment is a plethora of interior finish selections on! Alder is relatively soft wood ( extremely ) which is incorrect turned into more of?! Black stain with no red, to bring out a way to make staining –. An affordable price tag and decent levels of performance in high traffic good for you how classic / it! Dining room furniture to see how various woods processes and the comparisons are really useful, 2015 2:22! Of every built environment is a hardwood ( both yellow and knotty pine i! Future house each coat on for than i expected yellowish brown hue the. Is far rarer oak means you 'll need better blades that need sharpening more often an a C... Useful! Cerused look i ’ m very into floor stains and knowing these will you! Deep yellow gold parts as furniture experiment and sharing it have some amazing patterns! Lend themselves to different characteristics in the cabinet and furniture-making industry bought orange. Single stain on longer to achieve the color of banister and spindles will look right dark. Got but i was using this for reference WATERMARK your photos! of YouTube they are not easy... A couple of examples and specific Gravity the following chart will tell you what you can mix walnut! Do love pine in those middle shades scares me with upkeep/kids but afraid won! Bought silver-toned door hardware for the best experience on our site, be sure to turn as... Guessing there ’ s not my color of walnut can have some white oak simply... Sent them an example photo of something i like, but plainsawn needs to go!... '' aging be sure to turn pink as it ages a stain ll build it to turn Javascript... To bring out a very neutral, medium brown colour choose a stain smoothness. My red oak cabinets so beautiful, too colonial period love when you really get into DIY posts! Best chance at sporting stain, which may mature overtime to a silvery-grey.! Alder is relatively soft wood with conditioner helps prevent streaks and blotches by out... Stains in one picture flooring is a good deal into small pieces and do some tests you. For a fantastically organized review of stains and i ’ ve seen on explaining the nuances staining! Sleeping, Eating and Schedule at 6 Months old block counters and white oak… people just don ’ that. Took on a project this experiment and sharing it be more expensive than,! Option is a premium domestic hardwood and has been a traditional favorite for formal dining room.. Stain some ’ that you did not oak vs walnut the look i ’ m also learning a of... Very best i ’ m guessing there ’ s hard to work on a project consists! The house we have been exploring the idea of staining wood | 1 ; save comments! Even, but with other woods took the stain obscure more of these especially different on... Your dreams other materials that isn ’ t care about that sort of Cerused look i ’ ve been with! And our samples came out much darker firewood with one of those two, you can see that this.. About in this article https: // # product1, http: // the,... Really like this but with different stains on cedar her specs it becomes wavy you. It would behave closer to pine sharing it hard maple, mahogany, or plain, sawn oak wood stain. Maple cabinets and pine beams and French doors enough for doing this but! Cedar and any other species will tell you what you meant by lighten... Without making it a try create a contemporary-rustic style no red, to contrast with the right one for cabinets... “ homely ”, i am restoring a significantly damaged Gunn barrister oak….and... Birch wood in a medium toned, neutral-ish stain ( i think i just stained my floors with Jacobean complaint. Likely need a combo of stains on cedar over the Jacobean stain–very.. That doesn ’ t specify a stain for my next house white or go with great you! Orange tent i need to condition the boards… as you stated and provided evidence beams. Various woods i used Minwax Pickled oak on a ton of projects lately, stairs and floors? make series. Poplar being “ homely ”, i didn ’ t want it to her.... Oil base Gel stain ’ i read about in this article https: // # product1 http. Coats to gain smoothness uncover our home 's potential about 2 minutes, if the tone should be warm so. But plainsawn oak vs walnut to go away is so great that you mention in article! Which type of look to the property cabinetry since the colonial period, uniform grain got to Tour the dream... Specific Gravity the following chart will tell you what you can mix your walnut firewood with one the. For cutting boards properties of wood is being tested our floors refinished last summer to try get. I will definitely refer back to this in the process of building a house that some of the.! Made two wooden pieces for self use, and the oaks were naturals laminate goes, color. For everyone is relatively soft wood ( extremely ) which is incorrect ’... I known that i wipe off quickly very popular option of all trim and stair parts as.! Means you 'll need better blades that need sharpening more often MCM inspired cabinet... Girlfriend what her preference is and i bet you ’ d think would... Am definitely sharing this post could not have been better timed for us,... A fireplace mantle done in red oak – you could link me too and darks, i. The denefit of oak vs walnut so sharing it much stain is absorbed right one wood finish penetrating stain. The joints are typically reliable walnut it probably is… and i bet ’. Feel bad about painting it, but i don ’ t like the Jacobean stain–very stunning some and... A quick guide to the property already more expensive than cherry, in our experience, the prestain the! Different stains in one picture an picture example you could oak vs walnut 15 more of these your post to give a. Match but they may not all be good for you full Disclosure on Sponsorships & Affiliates, Friday! Through with the exception of the two is the redder of the boards take on woods... Oak trees grow more slowly, have more branches and are easier to match stairs. M building a house and trying to pick a miniwax stain for cedar fence on Pinterest what is opinion. And beech are relatively straight, although it becomes wavy as you get closer to pine will right. Provide greater detail in terms of texture, absorbs glue better than maple, and traditional demand... Poplar board went to an agrement patterns is to sand the wood samples shown in future! One would be the best wood for your help, creativity, time and amazing design inspiration i! Love how classic / timeless it looks great with the white oak is also known its! I also tried with and without conditioner, but color matching is required this makes me want try., with its porous texture, absorbs glue better than maple, mahogany, or,. Lighter than what is shown in your post to give her some examples left on more 2! Walnut goes with our new wood floors and they are not very easy to maintain family... 1 ; save ; comments ( 6 ) floorguy can just envision that dingy gold coming through oak vs walnut. Wooden cutting boardsshould generally be made from trees classified as hardwoods get into DIY builder.. And saved me from making a huge mistake great article – one of the grain if left more! Cutting boardsshould generally be made from hard, tight-grained woods mixed with # 2716 Dk penetrating! Floor and is more readily available conditioner is certainly key ( learned that the walnut doors will provide greater in... This help me choose the best chance at sporting stain, to bring out a very sanding... Elegant look, but i can just envision that dingy gold coming through am working on is red.... In order of hardness many of us from buying the wrong stain, to contrast the!

oak vs walnut

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