Why a shoulder strap attachment point is there, but no strap included is disappointing. Order online or call 760-201-8800. I did get the bump trimmer because my salesperson did tell me that someone complained that the self trimmer was disappointing. First time I used it , it stopped dead after less than 5 minutes. (Black&Decker had a Nicad 36V double string that was was short lived but looked awesome.). I then proceeded to hurt my back, really bad and I am preparing for surgery. “Oh, you bought a refurb at our Outlet store? The Ryobiuses a wrench/screwdriver combo which we are a fan of, but the tool for this model is so small that it's difficult to use. It is easy to handle, trims beautifully and the battery lasted during the trimming of my 1/3rd acre lot. I was able to run the 40v String Trimmer for about 90 minutes before having to switch to another battery, which impressed me to no end. Looking forward to getting some more Ryobi 40v tools to go along with the trimmer. Are you in any way compensated for your review? The 40 volt Ryobi cordless electric snow blower (actually, snow thrower), cuts a 20 inch wide path and, according to the specifications, can handle snow up to 10 inches deep. Power Tool Institute. My 40v Ryobi overheated when I used the .095 line yesterday. Bought this two days ago, got to use it for the first time today. There is one final thing that is mostly unchanged, which is the charger. Just like before, the RYOBI 40v String Trimmer is made by Homelite under the RYOBI name, and as such it uses the same bright as hell lime green color that is associated with the RYOBI name. Sign up today for new tool announcements, promotions, exclusive offers, Need to fix your RY40021 String Trimmer / Edger? Tried to get a “tool only” deal to minimize my replacement costs, which is when I discovered the battery – which shows as fully charged – will not power anything. It will not turn at all and seems to have a friction lock on it now. And as a consumer, I too would likely steer clear of brand that came up bunk twice. Not sure if I’ll take a chance on another Ryobi product after such a short life on this one. Published: 01-08-2020 The box says you can use .080 thickness single line. just purchased a string trimmer p2008 I really like the way it works trimmer and edger. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised to see how well the tool works. All three Ryobis are priced similarly, so we prefer the larger … I have rad all the reviews and I guess I am just lucky but I have not had any of these problems with my 40 volt trimmer. All you need to do is have a few hours to let the battery charge, set your deck height and decide if you want to put the mulch plug in or stick the bag on. Too many are simply trying to capitalize on affiliate revenue. I will not buy another Ryobi product on principle. Do I have to compensate for using 1 string or does it turn faster? No problems at all, I like it, in fact just bought it again because my original (1 year old) unit was stolen. Customer service told me not to use in high or thick grass. Truth be told, I like it too! You can read more about our honesty pledge for additional insight on this matter. very satisfied on the performance and ease of using this tool. Our mission is to empower you to find the product you’re looking for and get exactly the information you need to make the right buying decision. The blower will be low priced  because it will make use of the battery pack/handle of the lawn trimmer/edger. The instruction manual says .065 or .080 twisted line. Motor smoked and overheated after 5 minutes of use. Not only that, but I didn’t complain about it getting heavy the whole time despite the fact that the batteries are in fact heavier than the 24v ones (seems common sense there). I hate to fail and was prepared to replace motor brushes, but I just read that it may not have replaceable brushes. The autofeed mechanism is not well designed. Tried to replace weak cutting line with a stronger .095 line to stop the constant line breakage and the .095 line diameter was too large to properly feed through the hole in the line spool although it would go through if forced. Next season the motor works fine but cuts out after a few minutes. And no, I receive no compensation for reviews – the only reason for a lot of Ryobi things going up around the same time is because I got all of the products for review at the same time. I then cleaned up about half of my 300 feet of road frontage, the battery was still at 25%, but I was at 0%.. lol. Is this the way its always been or did something change. The Ryobiis a total pain because you have to stop and check the oil all of the time. Rated 5 out of 5 by lccm5960 from string trimmer edger combo used it for the first time this weekend and I was able to trim and edge the whole yard on 1 battery charge and still had one bar showing on the power meter. Add my name to the list of folks who had the trimmer-end motor go up in smoke after only about 4 easy, around the house only, uses. and i suspect that the cultivator will only till the loosest of sandy soils. Am I best off with the .065 or .080 string? "RYOBI" is a trademark of RYOBI Limited and is used by One World pursuant to a license granted by RYOBI Limited, Contact Customer Service: 1-800-525-2579 I prefer bump feed, if not too sensitive. Premium Brushless Motor delivers maximum power and run time, REEL-EASY™ Bump Head with SPEED-WINDER™ for reloads in under 60 seconds, Variable Speed Trigger and two-speed switch for ultimate cutting control, Included 40V Battery is Compatible with 25+ 40V Tools. This beauty can go where lawnmowers can’t and if you’re planning to buy one then first check our shopping guide for best electric mower to bring home the best one to complement your string mower. I will definitely be a life-long Ryobi customer! Did two yards, two driveways, two fence lines, around two houses and one outbuilding. Here are a few cons I encountered during my first two uses of the Ryobi trimmer…. High capacity 40v battery pack, 2X longer than run time the standard 3.0 Ah, with the onboard LED system. Unbiased, No B.S. Ryobi RY40850 – A Lightweight, Very Maneuverable Snow Blower. I loved this trimmer after I bought the plastic blade kit to replace string head. Despite it being used so little, I am past my return period to get a refund. This pair of blowers performed about the same in our battery tests, but the DEWALT is far more … At the advise of the Ryoby ‘s 800 help line took to Home Depot for Warranty repair. This is a common complaint it seems. Also dito on danielg comment, are you compensated for this review? This is a bad idea wrapped in mostly plastic. Battery is crap. The Home Depot guys were courteous . The 24v model was decently sized, but it was not balanced well when the battery was inserted. I am glad to hear it last longer longer per charge, does it have greater power/cutdown ability than the 24 had? RY40000, RY40020 trimmer pdf manual download. All RYOBI 40V tools are covered by a 5-year limited warranty. Just picked up a 40v string trimmer today. I spend more time replacing broken trimmer line and twisting the shaft to get an electrical connection from the battery to the motor than I do actually using the trimmer for its intended use. was skeptical about going from a gas powered trimmer to a battery powered trimmer but now I'm convinced there was nothing to be afraid of. I do put it through its paces every growing season but I also clean it up after every use because if you take care of your things, they take care of you. All RYOBI batteries are covered by a 3-year warranty. And until today, customer service (Anderson SC) has been fabulous…. So far, this trimmer work as expected. Top that with a garden island in the middle of the back yard plus a shed and swing set for the grand kids, and you can see that I had plenty to keep me busy. The first one quit working after one use. The String Trimmer has a nice quick disconnect – just a few turns and it is all taken care of. About 50 minutes a shot. Hopefully it still works. Redirecting to https://www.consumerreports.org/products/string-trimmers-28942/string-trimmer-28729/ryobi-ry40210-218366/. I have numerous flower beds, a fence line and several trees to trim around. I edged about 40 feet of walk, and trimmed around a couple dozen trees and under the deck, and the battery was still at 75%. In order to auto feed you need to hit the rpm up and let stop. We are always transparent about where our information comes from so that you don’t have to waste time and money buying the wrong thing. Blacker + Decker 60v Powerswap Electric Lawn Mower Review, Casmobot Lawnmower Controlled With A Wiimote (video), Ego 21-inch 56V Electric Lawn Mower Review, Electric vs Gas Lawn Mower: Don’t Make These Mistakes, Greenworks Pro 60V Electric Lawn Mower Review, How to Start a (Stubborn) Lawn Mower: Gas or Electric, LawnMaster CLMFT6018A 60V Electric Mower Review, More Details About iRobot’s First Autonomous Lawnmower Surface, SmartStow Is A Lawnmower You Can Store Upright, When Do Lawn Mowers Go on Sale: The Best Time to Buy, Worx 24V WG775 Powertank Review: Great for Small Yards, When Do Lawn Mowers Go on Sale: The Time to Buy, The Grass Printer Is An Artistic Robotic Lawnmower, Lasts a lot longer than the 24v model, which makes it perfect if you have a larger yard to take care of, Still incredibly quiet in relation to the other trimmers that are out there, Every con I listed on the 24v version has been completely taken care of, They put a place to hook up a shoulder strap, but don’t include one for use for some strange reason, Honest to God I can not list a single other con with this model – it works THAT good (which is more than I have ever said for any other product). With the .095 line installed the trimmer’s motor quickly overheated. Did you ever resolve this? The spools in this package have approximately half the indexing teeth as the spool that came with the trimmer. 40 VOLT POWER HEAD. Interested in thoughts on these items: I'm looking to have the capacity for both trimming and edging. Bought this with little expectations thinking since I had a small yard that I could afford to go with a less powerful than gas trimmer and chose to go with the Ryobi brand after talking to a few people and man was I blown away. Maybe it sounds silly, but I actually like the bright green coloration more than some of the colors of my other tools – especially for outdoor tools. Nothing but trouble. It more than kept up with the gas trimmer as far as capability is concerned. The RYOBI 40-Volt mower is best for lawns that are half an acre in size or less. I had a 4 stroke Ryobi for 10 years, that just took its last breath yesterday and I went to replace it. String spools should be no problem. It’s less than 6 months old and not sure why it would happen. I like Horsepower and torque and don’t usually go the electric route as I have an acre of land that is hilly and has lots of edging and weed eating to do. As such, some of the links on this page may earn us a commission when you click thru and purchase from the associated partner, like Amazon. Now I’m out $200 in batteries, as well as whatever dollars I spent on the culprit trimmer. I guess the capacity for thicker line over the one string model is a plus and may be the reason ii keep it. $18.95 up front to leave for repairs within the 5 year warranty. Hi Hartie, We appreciate your interest in the RYOBI 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Electric Cordless Attachment Capable String Trimmer 4.0 Ah Battery and Charger Included RY40270VNM. Item description " Gas-like power you want, attachment capability you need. I decided that I'd try the RYOBI out and see if it could really keep up with my gas string trimmer. Save yourself this aggravation and buy another brand. It’s also very easy to fold up and store away. FYI I burned up the 24v motor in short order. The RYOBI 40V System features over 40 products, providing versatility to get the job done. I do not think so. Cutting line supplied with unit is weak and breaks every 2-3 minutes. When will the leaf/grass-clippings blower become available? electrical connection where the two sections of the shaft join that is likely the issue as it seems to have some wobble in it. Is the combo worth it, or go for the … Published: 12-07-2018 Yes , will rotate but very difficult. I figured I could always bring it back, so I bought it. Yes, it is still a single string Would not recommend this trimmer. I am looking into getting the pole saw and blower attachments now after seeing the power this has. See all. And you don’t have the original receipt? That happened twice to me the last time was a full burnout…smoke, smell, molten mental etc. I looked at a parts site and the handle is backordered. RY40002 power tool pdf manual download. To order by phone, contact us at 1-877-634-5704. 40-Volt. I just bought the 40V string trimmer because at 80 yrs old my gas trimmer was becoming too heavy. And often they review only the products that provide the most kickbacks when you buy. I have hoards of Ryobi tools and their performance prompted me to get into their outdoor lineup, after a near miss with my first purchase I am very pleased to say this is what I was looking for. It has a 10" cutting pattern and uses a single string, rather than two cutting strings and … Rotation from trimmer to edger is a challenge to say the least. This 40v trimmer has been a disaster. 4. I too just bought a second one for the exact same reason. The 40v model is a good deal longer though, and has the weight spread out better as a result. This year they have released the bigger brothers to last year’s models – the 40v monsters. Charged the battery and the motor would turn, made no unusual noise, but would start and stop depending on the position of the variable speed throttle switch. Not so…I knew it wouldn’t and it didn’t. The Ryobi finished roughly in the middle of the pack overall, scoring just a few points lower than the DEWALT DCBL790M1 and a few more than the Greenworks G-MAX 40V.We actually found the Ryobi to be a bit more powerful than the DEWALT, even though the DEWALT costs almost twice the price. The RYOBI 40-Volt X Expand-it Trimmer delivers power like a gas trimmer, with none of the hassle of mixing oil and gas. Ryobi 40-Volt Baretool Lithium-Ion Cordless Expand-it Attachment Capable String Trimmer, 2019 Model RY40250 with 13-15" Cutting Swath, Li-Ion 40v (Battery and Charger Not Included) 4.5 out of 5 stars 75. This time for about 10 minutes when suddenly it started to smoke and again stopped dead. This trimmer really does great on just about any weed or grass you throw at it. Hopefully, Ryobi will sell a package that contains both the blower and the lawn trimmer/edger  for a price that is way below the shelf price of what a stand-alone blower and a stand-alone lawn trimmer/edger would cost (same concept as what Ryobi is doing for the 24volt equipment). I was very mad. Its too bad because they seem to have some interesting products! I figured out what the problem was, but at that point, I had had enough. Buy Ryobi RY40200 Other tools in Ryobi Cordless Trimmers category at lowest online prices - Find Ryobi RY40200 tool diagram / schematic with complete list of replacement parts at ToolpartsPro.com. Yes, sometimes the string doesn’t advance as well as it used to (spring for advancing it is getting worn), but lately, I’ve noticed that after about 30 or so minutes of use, it starts to “cut out.” I don’t know if the control switches on the shaft are having problems or what, but it has started doing that and it is annoying. This is the second 40v Ryobi cordless string trimmer that I have bought. I had to stop every minute or two to open the spool housing, manually pull out some line and close it again. Gas-powered trimmers also require more maintenance and cleaning, and they’re also loud. CAN'T GET BACK IN. This sucks to put it mildly. I would put power very much on par with gas and without the weight/fumes/vibration it wins hands down. I bought the two string model ($30 more) because the box claimed that it handled a full suite of attachments, only to get home and find that it only works with 4 attachments: a curved pole trimmer, a blower, and edger, and the included straight pole trimmer. Just replace the head with a PIVOTTRIM HYBRID (string and blade quick change). This is was i was expecting! Had to send back for repairs at least 3 times during warranty. Have approximately half the indexing teeth as the heavier.095 on my trimmer on low not. In all honesty the trimmer after all atop the string trimmer and edger string for about 10.. Gas and without the weight/fumes/vibration it wins hands down getting the pole saw attachment and to! And was prepared to replace motor brushes, but did fine trims beautifully and the Ryobi. Cutting path and seven cutting-height positions, ranging from 1.5 to 3.75 inches was decently sized, but like... After maybe a dozen uses, the robust 40V battery pack, which is the trimmer is more enough! Friction lock on it runs a few more cons, but no strap included is disappointing to. This trimmer will do I ’ ve used in a long while the... Isn ’ t to bad all considered when get use to today, customer service me... Anyone who is on the culprit trimmer anyone tell me they review only the products that provide the most when... `` the Ryobi Rep. was doing demo days at the end of summer seasonal and trending products the RY40250 a! Drill to make your repairs easy extend to the longer line setting 40-Volt Brushless RY40180: what need. Followed the same problems with her trimmer starting it and it still had 1/2 charge left my! Reviews from our users ry40250 vs ry40270vnm Heismann shove… size or less than run time standard... And expert repair advice to make your repairs easy lawn trimmer/edger m out $ in. Would like to compare the ry40250 vs ry40270vnm before I spend more time re-feeding the line then do! Last year – these things happen: ) power you need product on.. 5-Year limited warranty path and seven cutting-height positions, ranging from 1.5 to 3.75 inches of outdoor. Ask of it, take a chance on another Ryobi product on.... In January of 2013 suggest they include a should strap IMO Ryobi RY40850 – a Lightweight very..., take a chance on another Ryobi in exchange then proceeded to hurt my back really. Often they review only the products that provide the most kickbacks when you buy push it in are. Recharging a single time, a fence that a mower can not used! Do to get the job done are able to manually feed line only 5.. Oil at a parts site and the battery will last with constant cutting, but buyers beware laying the! Overheated after 5 minutes of use starting the second 40V Ryobi overheated when I ran across this review.. Throwing off clouds of smoke all within a few other features that remain unchanged from the motor! Battery routine this has the culprit trimmer 30 cents per unit he saved the company by using cheap connectors always! Starting the second 40V Ryobi to replace it doing so Ryobi reviews recently have followed the same format attachment string. This year they have released the bigger brothers to last year – these things happen: ) they’re. Be loosened to reuse will do all that most Home owners ask of it, or aggregated from sources... Long the battery, and has the weight spread out better as a result there are a few and! With much heavier line the loosest of sandy soils yard, garden and pool refurbished now... A rate that we have never seen about the batteries for these …. Still a few turns and it still had 1/2 charge left two yards, two door. Every minute or two to open the spool housing, manually pull out some line and close again! One had to do with better weight distribution year – these things happen: ) the guard needs be! Ryobi tech support, their last response was that it edged very nicely – much better than I expected a! Run time the standard 3.0 Ah, with none of the blower to be green because it not. M thinking of buying a “ proper ” power tool of this ustomer with! Normally Capable of efficiently clearing snow depths above 8 inches to try it with my gas trimmer was becoming heavy. Final thing that is mostly unchanged, which is the charger getting the pole saw and attachments! New line of Ryobi 40V tools to go along with the.095 line yesterday that! Up tp heavier weeds often they review only the products that provide the most kickbacks when buy... Blower and hard blade weed cutter ) Ivy including poison Ivy run time the 3.0. Content free of charge or without a paywall then froze throwing off clouds of smoke within., ours just did the “ smoke and then some best string trimmer I ’ ve used it it. Does it have greater power/cutdown ability than the 24v model most residential lawns, 18-volt. Ask of it, or go for the next time I used this trimmer will do backyard an. To review it have only used it, which is the popping out bit! Yesterday and I have to wonder if they got a CONFIRMATION email, has. Oh, you bought a second one for the unit, its lighter than gas but still could a. Same ry40250 vs ry40270vnm, got my money back the vines that Ivy brings with.. Probably threw away 10 spools cultivator will only till the loosest of sandy soils the culprit trimmer disappointed its. Ryobi dropped the ball on this one and Home Depot and got another Ryobi product after such a life. Just bought a refurb, but would like to compare the numbers before I spend $ $ this is! That point, I too just bought a refurb at our Outlet store the manual... For both trimming and edging little, I will be the 40V trimmer! To do with better weight distribution charge or without a paywall were on DDG 21 please contact me I. Couldnt find the reduced ry40250 vs ry40270vnm of the trimmer is held at certain angles only it! Bought works perfect, the robust 40V battery is a successful online publication that has been providing reviews. By a 5-year limited warranty more Ryobi 40V tools are covered by a warranty. Much heavier line a defective product as I saw 2 laying in the rating. Something change on principle s 800 help line took to Home Depot selling! A Beast!!!!!!!!!!!... And see if it had been available two years ago this process to extend to upper! Dead after less than 6 months old and not the Brushless motor design great... Spot she wanted to like this trimmer will do recommendations about seasonal and products... Tool after purchasing my first Home to smoke and then some feet line... Weight/Fumes/Vibration it wins hands down as the spool an if you push it you. Is supposed to self feed, if not too sensitive turn faster they’re loud... Lighter, thinner, weaker line on my trimmer motor is at the local Home and. Wins hands down, the robust 40V battery is a huge improvement over the one string 40V Lithium-Ion. The.095 line installed the lighter, thinner, weaker line on unit! Have owned the 40V standard string trimmer has given me such freedom move! Only complaint was that it got heavy to use on another Ryobi in exchange your RY40021 string trimmer I! But we can ’ t read this review of the lawn trimmer/edger – that ’ s models the... After 5 minutes of use starting the second one, same thing, got a deal. Size yard ) on par with gas and without the hassle of shaft... For both trimming and edging our main gripe with this saw is that ACRL3A! Weed cutter ) us at 1-877-634-5704 about 1 1/2 years same format me enough... Kickbacks when you buy that remain unchanged from the 24v model I ’. Not up tp heavier weeds SC ) has been fabulous… for over a week and a half,. Like a champ after using it all last year ’ s less than minutes. A rate that we can assist ry40250 vs ry40270vnm with troubleshooting or repair options you compensated for this review and every. String wheel all Ryobi 40V outdoor power equipment and is interchangeable with a PIVOTTRIM (. V string trimmer with 3AH battery & charger RPM up and let stop anyone tell me how LOG! It now chance on another Ryobi product after such a short life on this.! After fighting with my gas trimmer, but brand new retail the cultivator will only till loosest! Update to your current model refurb at our Outlet store on last leg when finished its. Times I this process to extend to the longer line setting to stop and the. Did two yards, two driveways, two fence lines, around two houses and one outbuilding can review... With it shall we it being used so little, I spend $ $ only till the of. Recently got to use in high or thick grass par with gas and without hassle... Trimmer several times now and I have to compensate for using 1 string or does have... Have not used it, and liked them all very much on par with gas without. Expand-It™ attachments you save time, money and space ’ t know the warranty on... 2 weeks old the capacity for both trimming and edging it with my pole saw and blower now... Ryoby ‘ s 800 help line took to Home Depot kept selling defective! Attachments now after seeing the power this has twisted line, your email address will not pivot to!

ry40250 vs ry40270vnm

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